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The Tallest Soccer Players in 2023: A Look at the Giants of the Game

Did you know that in 2023, the average height of a soccer player is around 5ft 11″? While it’s true that many successful players are on the shorter side, there are also those who stand head and shoulders above the rest. In this article, we will explore the top 10 tallest soccer players in 2023, showcasing their incredible height and the impact it has on their game. So, let’s dive in and discover the giants of the beautiful game!

10. Mikkel Mena Qvist (6ft 7.9″ or 203cm)

the tallest goalkeeper in the world

Danish-Colombian defender Mikkel Mena Qvist is currently one of the tallest soccer players in the world. Standing at nearly 6ft 8″, Qvist plays as a centre-back for Icelandic club Breiðablik. With his towering figure, he is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch, intimidating opponents with his physical presence.

9. Andries Noppert (6ft 8″ or 203cm)

Andries Noppert, a Dutch goalkeeper, is another giant of the game. Playing for Eredivisie club Heerenveen, Noppert stands at 6ft 8″. His height advantage gives him a significant edge in the goal, making it difficult for opponents to find the back of the net. In 2022, Noppert even made his international debut for the Netherlands national team, a testament to his skill and stature.

8. Kjell Scherpen (6ft 8.3″ or 204cm)

Netherlands under-21 international goalkeeper Kjell Scherpen is a commanding presence on the field. Currently playing for Dutch league side Vitesse, Scherpen measures an impressive 6ft 8.3″. Known for his ability to play out from the back and his lightning-fast reflexes, Scherpen is a rising star among the tallest soccer players in the world.

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7. Øyvind Hoås (6ft 8.4″ or 204cm)

Norwegian striker Øyvind Hoås has made a name for himself as one of the tallest outfield soccer players in the world. Playing for club side Kristiansund in Norway, Hoås towers over his opponents at 6ft 8.4″. With his height advantage, he poses a constant threat in the air, making him a valuable asset to his team.

6. Jacob Samnik (6ft 8.5″ or 204cm)

Twenty-two-year-old goalkeeper Jacob Samnik is among the tallest soccer players on the globe. Although of United States citizenship, Samnik’s career is now based in Germany. With previous experience in Romanian and Danish leagues, Samnik’s massive frame has made headlines. His size has even caused a viral sensation when he couldn’t fit into a welcome photo alongside shorter staff members. Samnik is now playing for Dusseldorf in Germany’s fifth tier.

5. Yang Changpeng (6ft 8.5″ or 204cm)

Chinese soccer player Yang Changpeng is notable for his towering height of 6ft 8.5″. Playing as a forward for various Chinese league sides, including Chengdu Blades and Meizhou Kejia, Changpeng’s size has earned him the nickname “Chinese Peter Crouch.” Although his career may not have reached the heights many expected, his stature alone solidifies his place among the tallest soccer players.

4. Lucas Bergström (6ft 8.7″ or 205cm)

Lucas Bergström, a Finnish goalkeeper, is one of the promising talents among the tallest soccer players. Currently playing for Premier League club Chelsea, Bergström has already made appearances for the club’s youth team. At 6ft 8.7″, he possesses an impressive reach and an ability to command his penalty area. With his potential and height advantage, Bergström is set for a bright future in the game.

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3. Dino Hodzic (6ft 9″ or 206cm)

Croatian goalkeeper Dino Hodzic stands tall at a monstrous 6ft 9″. Although relatively unknown outside of his home country, Hodzic’s massive presence has attracted attention. Currently playing for Lengjudeild, a second-tier club in Iceland, Hodzic’s towering height and reach make him a formidable force in the goal. With his skills, he is likely to gain recognition from high-profile clubs in the future.

2. Kyle Hudlin (6ft 9″ or 206cm)

Kyle Hudlin, the only English player on this list, is a sensational striker. Playing for Huddersfield Town in the English Football League Championship, Hudlin’s height advantage has been a key asset throughout his career. At 6ft 9″, he possesses agility, an excellent touch, and remarkable aerial abilities. Hudlin’s rise from the lower leagues to professional football showcases the impact that his towering stature can have on the game.

1. Tomáš Holý (6ft 9.2″ or 206cm)

The title of the tallest active soccer player in the world goes to Czech goalkeeper Tomáš Holý. Standing at an astounding 6ft 9.2″, Holý has made a name for himself in English soccer. After starting his career at Sparta Prague, he moved to Gillingham, Ipswich Town, and Carlisle United. With over 100 appearances for Gillingham, Holý’s height has undoubtedly played a part in his success as a goalkeeper.


1. Are taller soccer players more successful?

Height alone does not determine a player’s success in soccer. While taller players may have certain advantages, such as an increased reach and aerial ability, success in the game depends on a combination of factors, including skill, technique, and tactical understanding.

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2. Are there any disadvantages to being a tall soccer player?

Tall players may face challenges in terms of agility and close control. Additionally, they may be more prone to certain injuries, such as knee and back problems. However, these disadvantages can be mitigated through training and development of their overall game.

3. Who is the tallest soccer player of all time?

While the players mentioned in this article are among the tallest in the game, the title of the tallest soccer player of all time goes to Kristof van Hout from Belgium, who measures a staggering 6ft 10″ (210cm).


The world of soccer is home to players of all shapes and sizes. While some excel with their technical ability, others rely on their physical attributes to make an impact on the game. The tallest soccer players in 2023, as highlighted in this article, showcase the unique role that height can play on the field. As the game continues to evolve, it is fascinating to see how players of all sizes contribute to the beautiful game.

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