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Ranking the MLS Fanbases: From Worst to Best

The appeal of Major League Soccer (MLS) has been on the rise, thanks to major transfer acquisitions and the growing interest in the game. But which MLS franchises have the best and worst fanbases? Let’s take a look at the rankings.

X- St. Louis City

First up, let’s talk about the newest addition to the MLS, St. Louis City. While it’s still early days for this Missouri-based franchise, the initial signs both on and off the pitch are promising.

28. Chicago Fire

Unfortunately, the Chicago Fire doesn’t have much to shout about when it comes to fan support. With one of the worst average attendances and management decisions that have left a bitter taste, the desire to support the team has diminished.

27. Real Salt Lake

Off-field politics have taken a toll on Real Salt Lake’s fanbase. Accusations against their former owner, as well as cutting the women’s team from the club, have led to declining attendance and a less vibrant atmosphere.

26. Houston Dynamo

Houston Dynamo falls into the category of having one of the worst MLS fanbases. The team struggles to attract supporters to their games, partly due to the advent of Austin FC and the lack of protection from the elements.

25. New York Red Bulls

Once electrified by Thierry Henry, the atmosphere at Red Bull Arena has seen a decline in attendance figures over time. Discontent among supporters has led to walkouts and boycotts during the 2023 season.

24. D.C. United

The move to Audi Field in 2018 was a much-needed upgrade for D.C. United. However, the history behind the stadium has been overshadowed by COVID-19 protocols. The atmosphere is still finding its footing, but the Screaming Eagles supporter group adds some energy to the stadium.

23. Philadelphia Union

The Philadelphia Union is an emerging fanbase in MLS. While their run to the 2022 MLS Cup final attracted fantastic crowds, the atmosphere isn’t consistently vibrant. The club even lists “must-see games” to encourage fans to attend key matches.

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22. San Jose Earthquakes

PayPal Park may have a smaller average attendance, but the atmosphere remains family-friendly and appealing to some fans. The club’s efforts to break a Guinness World Record by conducting the world’s largest soccer lesson highlights their dedication to their supporters.

21. Inter Miami

Despite being one of the smaller fanbases in MLS, Inter Miami received a massive boost when they acquired Lionel Messi. While the in-person atmosphere hasn’t always been as loud, the team’s interim home at DRV PNK Stadium may contribute to this.

20. New England Revolution

Playing at an NFL stadium like Gillette Stadium can sometimes create challenges for the New England Revolution. The lack of a soccer-specific atmosphere and difficulties in accessing the venue may impact the energy levels of the supporters.

19. CF Montreal

Saputo Stadium offers a great matchday experience, but the atmosphere at CF Montreal games can be underwhelming. The focus on other activities rather than solely supporting the team may contribute to the quieter atmosphere.

18. Colorado Rapids

The Colorado Rapids face challenges with adverse weather conditions. Despite the potential impact on the atmosphere, the fans still show up in good numbers to support their team.

17. Vancouver Whitecaps

While top games at BC Place create fantastic atmospheres, the average attendance at Vancouver Whitecaps matches has been slipping, making it difficult for the fanbase to make a significant impact.

16. FC Dallas

Although FC Dallas had a promising start as the Dallas Burn, the team’s fanbase has become more middle-of-the-pack in recent years. The arrival of Houston Dynamo and Austin FC may have affected their grip on Texas soccer.

15. Austin FC

As a new franchise, Austin FC has quickly established a strong fanbase. The Q2 Stadium regularly attracts capacity crowds, and the team’s success on the field has only amplified the fans’ enthusiasm.

14. Columbus Crew

Lower.com Field offers one of the best soccer matchday experiences in the US. The Columbus Crew fans show their appreciation with raucous energy and support throughout the games.

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13. New York City FC

Playing at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of New York City FC fans. They continue to turn up in good numbers regardless of the venue.

12. Orlando City SC

Exploria Stadium, clad in purple, provides one of the most vibrant-looking atmospheres in America. The Orlando City SC supporters bring exceptional noise and energy to matchday experiences.

11. LAFC

Despite already having the LA Galaxy as a popular team, LAFC has managed to build a dedicated fanbase from day zero. Their success on the field, combined with vocal support and active engagement on social media, has made them a force to be reckoned with.

10. Nashville SC

Hany Mukhtar’s consistent top performances have helped create an incredible atmosphere at Nashville SC’s Geodis Park. The loud and passionate fans make it a challenging venue for visiting teams.

9. Minnesota United

As one of the newer expansion teams, Minnesota United has quickly established itself as one of the best fanbases in terms of replicating a European football atmosphere. The loud and passionate home fans create an electric atmosphere at Allianz Field.

8. FC Cincinnati

Despite their lack of success in their early MLS seasons, FC Cincinnati supporters remain committed and well-seasoned. The TQL Stadium boasts impressive attendance figures, making it one of the best-performing venues in the league.

7. Charlotte FC

As a new franchise, Charlotte FC has already made history with a record-breaking attendance in their first-ever home game. The team consistently sells out the Bank of America Stadium, showcasing the enthusiasm and dedication of their fans.

6. Toronto FC

Toronto FC, the only Canadian team in MLS, boasts the best support in Canada in terms of sheer numbers. Over 23,000 fans regularly turn up to BMO Field, displaying their passion for the team.

5. Sporting Kansas City

The Sporting Kansas City fans are widely recognized as one of the loudest and most dedicated in MLS. The Blue Wall, a collective of supporters, creates an intimidating atmosphere for opposition teams. This consistent fanbase has sold out the stadium for 100 consecutive home games at one point.

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4. LA Galaxy

Despite some troubles in recent years, LA Galaxy supporters remain loyal and passionate. Multiple supporter groups bring energy and color to Dignity Health Sports Park, creating an exciting atmosphere even during challenging times.

3. Portland Timbers

The Portland Timbers’ fans have a long-standing passion for soccer, dating back to the team’s existence before MLS. They consistently sell out Providence Park, with lively celebrations, including the iconic chainsaw celebration when the team scores.

2. Atlanta United

Atlanta United has emerged as one of the top MLS fanbases, with consistently high attendance figures. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium hosts multiple passionate supporters’ groups, contributing to an exceptionally loud and engaged fan experience.

1. Seattle Sounders

When it comes to ranking MLS fanbases, the Seattle Sounders consistently take the top spot. With a rich soccer history and a passionate fanbase, the team attracts over 30,000 spectators to their home games. The atmosphere at Lumen Field is electrifying, with numerous chants and songs echoing throughout the stadium.


Q: Where can I find more information about MLS fanbases?
A: You can find more information about MLS fanbases on the Pesstatsdatabase website. Feel free to explore the site for comprehensive data and analysis.

Q: Which team has the loudest fanbase in MLS?
A: Sporting Kansas City is widely regarded as having one of the loudest fanbases in MLS. The Blue Wall, their dedicated supporters’ collective, creates an intimidating and raucous atmosphere for home games.

Q: Can I buy tickets to an MLS match?
A: Yes, you can purchase tickets to MLS matches through official team websites or ticketing platforms. Check the respective team’s website for ticket availability and pricing.


The MLS fanbases vary in their passion, loyalty, and overall atmosphere. From struggling franchises to powerhouse teams, each fanbase contributes to the unique spirit of MLS. Whether it’s the electric atmosphere in Seattle or the dedicated supporters in Kansas City, MLS offers a diverse range of fan experiences for football enthusiasts.