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The Best of Jersey 2: Exploring Football Legends

Football history is filled with iconic players who have left their mark on the game. Today, we delve into the legacy of jersey number 2, worn by some of the most significant players in Pro Football History. Joining us for this discussion is Mr. Os Davis, the host of the Sports History Network’s Truly the GOATs and SHN Showcase podcasts. Welcome, Os, to the Pigpen.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Number 2 Enshrinees

Before we dive into the legends who donned the number 2 jersey, let’s take a look at the esteemed players recognized by the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

  • Paddy Driscoll
  • Walt Kiesling
  • Link Lyman
  • Charlie Trippi

Paddy Driscoll

Paddy Driscoll: A Multifaceted Talent

Paddy Driscoll, born in 1895 in Evanston, Illinois, made a name for himself as a Northwestern Quarterback. His remarkable performance in the 1919 Rose Bowl showcased his versatility and earned him a place in football history. From catching touchdown passes to drop-kicking field goals, Driscoll’s impact on the game was undeniable. After joining the NFL with the Chicago Cardinals, he continued to shine, scoring 27 points in a single game and earning six All-Pro team selections. The Pro Football Hall of Fame rightly enshrined him in 1965.

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Walt Kiesling

Walt Kiesling: A True Football Lifer

Walt Kiesling, a versatile player known for his skills as an Offensive Guard and Tackle, graced the football field for several teams, including the Duluth Eskimos, Pottsville Maroons, Chicago Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, and Pittsburgh Pirates. Apart from his playing career, Kiesling spent an impressive 36 years in the NFL as a player, coach, and aide. Leading the Steelers to their first winning season in 1942 and coaching the wartime combined team of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, known as the “Steagles,” showcased his coaching prowess.

Link Lyman

Link Lyman: A Model of Consistency

Link Lyman, hailing from Table Rock, Nebraska, stood tall at 6’2″ and weighed 233 pounds, making him a formidable force on the field. Lyman’s career spanned 16 years, during which he experienced only one losing season. Notably, he was part of three consecutive NFL Championship teams and contributed to the Chicago Bears’ success. Lyman’s ability to shift defensive linemen around set a standard that other players would follow. Deservingly, he entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1964.

Charley Trippi

Charley Trippi: A Versatile Backfield Star

Charley Trippi, born in 1921 in Pittston, Pennsylvania, left an indelible mark on football history as a talented halfback. His collegiate career at Georgia is packed with standout moments, including leading the team to a perfect 10-0 regular season and clinching victory in the Sugar Bowl with a memorable touchdown pass. Trippi’s transition to the professional league brought him success as well, signing a lucrative contract with the Chicago Cardinals. He played an instrumental role in the Cardinals’ 1947 NFL Championship win, showcasing his adaptability by wearing basketball shoes to gain traction on an icy field. The Pro Football Hall of Fame honored Trippi in 1968.

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Others of Note

In addition to the Hall of Famers mentioned above, several other players have left their mark wearing the number 2 jersey. The likes of Matt Ryan, Doug Flutie, Aaron Brooks, Tim Couch, David Akers, and many more have contributed to the rich tapestry of football history.


Q: Are there any current players wearing jersey number 2 in the NFL?
A: Yes, there are currently players in the NFL, such as Matt Ryan, who proudly wear the number 2 jersey.

Q: Can I find a list of the top NFL players who wore the number 2 jersey?
A: Certainly! You can find the list of the top 5 NFL players who wore the number 2 jersey by visiting this link: The Top 5 NFL players that wore number 2.


Exploring the history of jersey number 2 in football unveils a remarkable tapestry of talent and achievements. From the versatile prowess of Paddy Driscoll and Charley Trippi to the enduring contributions of Walt Kiesling and Link Lyman, these players have left an indelible mark on the sport. Join us as we continue to celebrate the legends who have shaped football into the beautiful game we know and love.

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