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Soccer Tennis: A Refreshing Twist on Soccer Training

Are you a soccer fan looking to spice up your training sessions? Tired of the same old drills? Well, we have just the solution for you. Introducing Soccer Tennis, a thrilling hybrid of soccer and tennis that will not only make your training sessions more enjoyable but also help you improve your technique.

soccer tennis rules

Soccer Tennis Rules

In Soccer Tennis, the game revolves around using a soccer ball and your feet instead of rackets and smaller balls. The basic rules require the service to be a kick, header, or volley with a body part other than the arms or hands. The ball must go over the net and be returned by the opposing team within a certain number of touches and bounces.

The rules and playing techniques of Soccer Tennis may vary depending on the number of players on the court. Singles, doubles, and triples each have minor differences in play. Here’s a breakdown of the essential differences:

Singles Doubles Triples
Court Size 29.5’W x 42’L 29.5’W x 42’L 29.5’W x 59’L
Net Height 3.6’ 3.6’ 3.6’
Number of Touches Per Play 2 Touches 3 Touches (consecutive singles between players) 3 Touches (consecutive singles between players)
Number of Bounces Per Play 1 Bounce 1 Bounce 1 Bounce

Note: Bounce rules may be adjusted for junior players and beginners to allow for two bounces per play.


Variations of Soccer Tennis

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To cater to different skill sets, Soccer Tennis can be played in various styles. These variations focus on specific skills and provide a great way to improve your overall soccer ability. Here are some examples:

  • One Touch
  • Two Touch
  • Headers and Volleys
  • Every Player Touches the Ball
  • Right or Left Foot Only

What Now?

If you’re a soccer enthusiast looking to enhance your backyard game or a PE teacher/coach aiming to engage young athletes, why not give Soccer Tennis a try? It offers a new and exciting way to practice fundamental ball-handling techniques while becoming a favorite sport on its own.


If you’re interested in a full Soccer Tennis Set, check out our range at Kickit, where you can find all the tools and training equipment you need to get started in no time.

So, grab a soccer ball, gather your friends or teammates, and enjoy the thrill of Soccer Tennis. Happy volleying!


Q: How many players are needed to play Soccer Tennis?

A: Soccer Tennis can be played with singles, doubles, or triples. The number of players may vary depending on the variation you choose.

Q: Can I adjust the rules for younger players?

A: Yes, for junior players and beginners, the bounce rules can be softened to allow for two bounces per play.

Q: Is Soccer Tennis only suitable for training purposes?

A: While Soccer Tennis is primarily designed as a drill to improve soccer skills, it can also be enjoyed as a standalone sport for recreation and friendly competition.


Soccer Tennis offers a refreshing twist on traditional soccer training. By combining the elements of tennis and soccer, it provides an exciting way to develop ball control and overall player skills. Whether you’re looking for a fun backyard game or a new training exercise, Soccer Tennis is worth a try.

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So, gather your friends, set up a court, and experience the joy of Soccer Tennis. It’s time to elevate your soccer game to new heights!