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The Greatest Swedish Soccer Players in History

Welcome to Soccer Mavericks, where we delve into the rich history of Swedish soccer to present to you the 10 best soccer players this nation has ever produced. From iconic goalkeepers to powerful strikers, these players have left an indelible mark on the global stage and continue to inspire players and fans alike.

10. Thomas Ravelli

Position: Goalkeeper
International Caps/Clean Sheets: 143 / 58
Club Level Apps: 461

We begin our list with the legendary Swedish goalkeeper, Thomas Ravelli. With an impressive 21-year professional career dedicated to clubs like Öster and Göteborg, Ravelli is a true icon of Swedish soccer. He also represented Sweden in international tournaments such as the FIFA World Cups in 1990 and 1994.

Thomas Ravelli

9. Emil Forsberg

Position: Attacking Midfield
International Caps/Goals/Assists: 153 / 10 / 6
Club Level Apps/Goals/Assists: 518 / 122 / 92

At number 9, we have Emil Forsberg, a creative playmaker known for his lightning-quick and precise passing style. Forsberg’s outstanding contributions have earned him accolades such as the prestigious Guldbollen award. He has also represented Sweden on the global stage, including the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championships.

8. Ronnie Hellström

Position: Goalkeeper
International Caps/Clean Sheets: 77 / 28
Club Level Apps/Clean Sheets: 313 / 81

Next on our list is Ronnie Hellström, widely regarded as one of the greatest Swedish goalkeepers. Playing for Hammarby IF and 1. FC Kaiserslautern, Hellström’s excellence extended to the international stage, representing Sweden in three FIFA World Cups. His impact on Swedish soccer solidified his status as a goalkeeping icon.

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Ronnie Hellström

7. Gunnar Gren

Position: Second Striker, Attacking midfielder
International Caps/Goals/Assists: 57 / 33 / 1
Club Level Apps/Goals: 466 / 142

Gunnar Gren, a soccer maestro, carved his name in history with stellar performances for IFK Göteborg and A.C. Milan. Known for his technical finesse, visionary playmaking, and versatility, Gren played a pivotal role in Sweden’s historic triumphs, including the 1958 FIFA World Cup.

Gunnar Gren

6. Kurt Hamrin

Position: Right Winger
International Caps/Goals/Assists: 32 / 16 / 2
Club Level Apps/Goals/Assists: 503 / 251 / 12

Considered one of the greatest wingers in soccer history, Kurt Hamrin comes in at number 6 on our list. His remarkable stint with Italian clubs, particularly Fiorentina, solidified his legacy. Hamrin’s goal-scoring prowess extended to the international stage, playing a vital role in Sweden’s success.

5. Nils Liedholm

Position: Attacking midfielder
International Caps/Goals: 24 / 12
Club Level Apps/Goals: 467 / 127

Nils Liedholm, a true soccer genius, is regarded as one of Sweden’s greatest players. This offensive playmaker’s technical brilliance set him apart both on and off the field. As a coach, Liedholm continued his successful journey, managing Italian clubs for nearly four decades and revolutionizing the game with his zonal marking system.

4. Fredrik “Freddie” Ljungberg

Position: Right Midfield
International Caps/Goals/Assists: 74 / 14 / 7
Club Level Apps/Goals/Assists: 447 / 79 / 55

Freddie Ljungberg, known for his talent on and off the field, was a rare gem in soccer. Starting his career at Halmstad and excelling at Arsenal, Ljungberg secured several major titles and represented Sweden in multiple international tournaments. Beyond soccer, Ljungberg made waves as a fashion model for renowned brands.

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3. Henrik Larsson

Position: Centre-Forward
International Caps/Goals/Assists: 106 / 37 / 9
Club Level Apps/Goals/Assists: 539 / 289 / 103

Henrik Larsson, an iconic forward, is our first pick among the top 3 Swedish soccer players of all time. Larsson’s journey includes remarkable achievements with Celtic, Barcelona, and the Swedish national team. His scoring prowess and leadership on the pitch earned him the nickname “The King of Kings.”

2. Gunnar Nordahl

Position: Centre-Forward
International Caps/Goals: 33 / 43
Club Level Apps/Goals: 528 / 453

Gunnar Nordahl, a towering figure in Swedish and AC Milan soccer history, remains an icon of prolific goal-scoring. His exceptional records with AC Milan, including being the club’s all-time leading goalscorer, solidify his position among the greatest strikers globally. Nordahl’s impact extended to the international stage, earning him a gold medal at the 1948 Summer Olympics.

1. Zlatan Ibrahimović

Position: Centre-Forward
International Caps/Goals/Assists: 122 / 62 / 25
Club Level Apps/Goals/Assists: 827 / 496 / 205

It comes as no surprise that Zlatan Ibrahimović tops our list as the best Swedish soccer player of all time. Known for his acrobatic strikes, impeccable technique, and dominating presence, Ibrahimović is hailed as one of the greatest strikers in history. With over 570 career goals, he has left an indelible mark on Swedish and global soccer.

Zlatan Ibrahimović


Q: Did we miss someone on this list of the best Swedish soccer players?
A: If you feel we missed someone who should’ve been on this list, please let us know in the comments!

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The legacy of these 10 Swedish soccer players spans generations, inspiring players and fans alike. Their skill, passion, and dedication have shaped the narrative of Swedish soccer. We hope you enjoyed our list and continue to support Soccer Mavericks as we celebrate the beautiful game.

Thank you for reading!

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