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Real Madrid Family: The Extraordinary Journey of Luka Modric and His Wife Vanja

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Luka Modric, the talented midfielder known for his exceptional skills on the football field, has a story that goes beyond his achievements on the pitch. Modric, who currently plays for the prestigious Real Madrid, is happily married to his wife Vanja, and together they have faced incredible challenges and celebrated beautiful moments as a family. Their journey is a testament to their strength, resilience, and unwavering love for each other.

“I want everyone to know how brave a woman she is”

Modric acknowledges the privileges that come with his fame and success, but he emphasizes that at the core, he and his wife are just ordinary people. Vanja, who has been the pillar of their family, has shown immense courage in the face of adversity. Modric acknowledges her strength and resilience, highlighting that his worries on the football field pale in comparison to the battles she has overcome.

Ivano: The First Miracle

Luka Modric with son Ivano

Modric reminisces about the journey to parenthood, particularly the birth of their first child, Ivano. He vividly describes the joy he felt when he received the news of becoming a father. The couple had planned to have their children born in their native Croatia. However, circumstances led to an unexpected early arrival, and Modric deeply regretted not being by Vanja’s side during the birth. Despite the challenges they faced, the birth of their son brought immense happiness and love into their lives.

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Ema: A Blessing Amidst Challenges

Luka Modric with daughter Ema

The couple’s second child, Ema, was born amidst a whirlwind of change. Modric recalls the challenges they faced while transitioning to life in Madrid, as well as Vanja’s health concerns during her second pregnancy. With constant medical supervision and regular medication, Vanja’s health remained a top priority. Modric vividly remembers the day Ema was born and the joy of seeing his daughter for the first time. Despite the difficulties they had faced, their love for each other and their children continued to shine through.

Sofia: The Power of Love

Luka Modric with daughter Sofia

Vanja’s desire for a third child presented a complex decision for the couple. Given her previous health challenges, there was an inherent risk involved. However, Vanja’s determination and love for their family prevailed. Sofia, their third child, was born, and once again, Modric was present for the birth. The couple faced another health scare a year later, but the incredible strength and courage displayed by Vanja were undeterred. The family’s unwavering love and support for each other prevailed over every obstacle they faced.


Q: What club does Luka Modric currently play for?
Luka Modric currently plays for the renowned Real Madrid football club.

Q: How many children do Luka Modric and his wife have?
Luka Modric and his wife, Vanja, have three children: Ivano, Ema, and Sofia.


Luka Modric’s journey as a professional football player is undoubtedly impressive, but his personal journey as a husband and father is equally inspiring. Modric and Vanja have faced numerous challenges together, from health scares to adapting to new environments. Through it all, their love and determination have remained unwavering. The Real Madrid family, as they are affectionately known, serve as an inspiring example of resilience, love, and the power of family.

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