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The Best Wingers in Soccer

best lw in soccer

Wingers may seem antiquated in today’s game, but their importance cannot be underestimated. These attack-minded players with blistering pace and the ability to beat their markers are still a force to be reckoned with.

Moussa Diaby: Leverkusen’s Dynamic Playmaker

Few players have been as consistently dynamic as Moussa Diaby. Over the past two seasons, Diaby has scored 31 goals and provided 24 assists from 147 chances created. His positioning, speed, and finishing skills are top-notch.

Moussa Diaby

Expectations for 2023-24: Diaby’s contract expires in 2025, and with numerous Premier League teams interested in him, a big-money move could be on the horizon. If he stays with Leverkusen and helps them push for a top-four finish in the Bundesliga, his stock will only rise.

Phil Foden: England’s Technically Proficient Talent

Despite a challenging season, Phil Foden still managed to score 15 goals and secure a treble with Manchester City. His technical ability and versatility make him one of England’s most talented attacking players.

Phil Foden

Expectations for 2023-24: Foden’s main goal for the upcoming season is to win back his place in the Manchester City team. Whether playing as a winger or in a central role, his skills and potential are undeniable.

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Rodrygo: Real Madrid’s Rising Star

Rodrygo has stepped out of Vinicius Junior’s shadow at Real Madrid and established himself as a starter. With nine league goals and five Champions League goals last season, his talent and natural ability are evident.


Expectations for 2023-24: If Real Madrid fails to sign Kylian Mbappe, this season could be Rodrygo’s opportunity to make the center-forward position his own. Consistent performances for both club and country will only strengthen his case.

Kingsley Coman: Bayern Munich’s Impactful Winger

Kingsley Coman’s biggest challenge has been staying fit. When he is on the field, he makes a significant impact. Despite not playing as many minutes as his teammates, Coman was third in chances created and first in open-play cross attempts for Bayern Munich.

Kingsley Coman

Expectations for 2023-24: Coman recently signed a contract extension with Bayern Munich, indicating his commitment to the club. As part of the rebuilding process, he will continue to be a key player for the team.

Riyad Mahrez: Algeria’s Paradoxical Talent

Riyad Mahrez had a season of highs and lows. While he had some standout performances, he lost his place in the starting XI towards the end of the campaign. Mahrez’s focus now is to regain his place and perform consistently.

Riyad Mahrez

Expectations for 2023-24: Whether he stays at Manchester City or moves elsewhere, Mahrez will be determined to prove his worth. His ultimate goal is to shine in the Africa Cup of Nations and bring glory to Algeria.

Gabriel Martinelli: Arsenal’s Emerging Star

Gabriel Martinelli had a breakthrough season, emerging as Arsenal’s top goalscorer with 15 goals in the Premier League. His potential and ability to perform consistently make him an exciting prospect.

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Gabriel Martinelli

Expectations for 2023-24: The challenge for Martinelli will be to replicate his outstanding performances from last season and handle the increased pressure from opponents. If he stays fit and maintains his form, he could have another excellent campaign.

Ousmane Dembele: Barcelona’s Resilient Magician

Ousmane Dembele has faced numerous challenges throughout his career but has shown resilience and consistency. His creative skills and ability to unlock defenses make him an exciting player to watch.

Ousmane Dembele

Expectations for 2023-24: As long as Dembele remains focused and driven, he will continue to be one of the most thrilling players in the game. The key for him is to maintain discipline and perform consistently for both club and country.

Jack Grealish: Manchester City’s Playmaker Extraordinaire

Jack Grealish had an impressive second season with Manchester City, contributing with goals and assists. His ability to create opportunities and disrupt opponents’ defensive lines makes him an invaluable asset.

Jack Grealish

Expectations for 2023-24: Grealish’s challenge for the upcoming season is to maintain his level of performance and remain a crucial part of the team as the midfield gets reconfigured. Manchester City will rely on his creativity and dribbling skills to continue their winning ways.

Eljif Elmas: Napoli’s Dynamo

Eljif Elmas, known as “Kvaradona,” had an outstanding debut season in Serie A. He topped the league in assists, passes made in the attacking third, and touches in the opponent’s box. His impact on Napoli’s success was undeniable.

Eljif Elmas

Expectations for 2023-24: As opponents devise strategies to neutralize Elmas, he will face new challenges. It will be interesting to see how he responds and continues to influence Napoli’s attack.

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Bukayo Saka: Arsenal’s Rising Star

Bukayo Saka showed immense resilience after the Euro 2020 final and further developed his skills in the following season. He became a key player for Arsenal and a figure the team could build around.

Bukayo Saka

Expectations for 2023-24: Saka’s incredible progress is expected to continue, and he could reach new heights this season. Arsenal will rely on him to maintain his form, and England will look to him for a spark at the Euros.


Q: Where can I find more statistics and information about these players?
A: You can find detailed player statistics and information on the official Pesstatsdatabase website.

Q: Who is considered the best winger in soccer right now?
A: The title of the best winger in soccer is subjective and can vary depending on personal opinions. However, the players mentioned in this article are widely regarded as some of the most talented wingers in the game today.


Wingers may have evolved in the modern game, but their impact on the field remains significant. The players mentioned in this article exemplify the skill, creativity, and versatility that wingers bring to their respective teams. Whether they are scoring goals, creating chances, or unlocking defenses, these wingers are a joy to watch and an essential part of the beautiful game.