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What to Consider When Wearing Glasses and Playing Football?

Every year, countless football-related eye injuries occur, with experts estimating that up to 90% of these incidents could be prevented. Football, being a high-risk sport involving a ball and physical contact, requires players to take precautions to protect their eyes. For those who normally wear glasses, modifications may be necessary to ensure safety on the field. Consider prescription sports glasses with a head strap for a custom fit during your next big game.

Football Glasses

Why Wear Prescription Sports Glasses for Football?

Football demands various protective gear, including helmets, shoulder pads, mouth guards, and padded pants. If you wear glasses, regular ones won’t suffice. Instead, opt for football sports glasses or plastic lenses. Specialized sports eyewear can reduce the risk of injury and improve vision, enabling players to perform better. The ideal lens material is poly-carbonate, offering built-in ultraviolet protection and impact resistance.

Football Sports Glasses


When choosing football sports frames, ensure they fit comfortably within the helmet. The frames should also be made of impact-resistant materials, such as plastic or poly-carbonate. Look for frames with rubber padding where they meet the head and nose. If purchasing glasses for a child, avoid buying frames that are too big, as they won’t provide adequate protection. Ill-fitting frames can hinder peripheral vision and increase the risk of injury.

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Comfort is Key

Comfort is crucial for enjoying your football experience. The frames of football sports glasses need to fit snugly under your helmet. It’s frustrating if your glasses keep slipping down your nose due to sweat. Look for glasses specifically designed to fit under helmets, considering different shapes suitable for football players. Football sports glasses may need a tighter fit than your regular glasses, and using an elastic strap can help achieve a secure fit. At Pesstatsdatabase, we offer football sports glasses with optional straps, allowing you to switch from glasses to goggles effortlessly.

Lightweight Construction

Opt for lightweight glasses to avoid feeling burdened by heavy frames, especially when combined with other protective equipment. Choose the lightest lenses and frames that fit properly. If you wear prescription glasses, ensure your prescription is updated regularly. It’s essential to maintain clear vision on and off the football field. Get an annual eye exam and update your lenses whenever your prescription changes. This way, you can always see and perform at your best.

Impact-Resistant Sports Glasses Lenses for Football

When selecting lenses, poly-carbonate is often the go-to option. This material is impact-resistant and effectively safeguards the eyes. Untreated poly-carbonate lenses may be prone to scratching, but most sports-specific poly-carbonate lenses come with a scratch-resistant coating on both sides, increasing their durability. The frames should also be constructed using strong and durable materials like plastic or poly-carbonate.

Overall, choose a pair of prescription sports glasses that cater to your specific needs when playing football. You’ll want glasses that provide comfort, improved vision, and extra protection against impacts. With the right eyewear, you can confidently score that game-winning touchdown!

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Q: Can I wear regular glasses while playing football?
A: It’s not recommended to wear regular glasses on the field. Instead, opt for prescription sports glasses designed for football.

Q: Do football sports glasses fit under helmets?
A: Yes, football sports glasses should fit comfortably under the helmet. Look for frames with impact-resistant materials and rubber padding.

Q: How can I ensure a comfortable fit for my football sports glasses?
A: Look for glasses designed specifically to fit under helmets. Choose frames that fit snugly and use an elastic strap for added stability during play.

Q: What type of lenses should I choose for football sports glasses?
A: Poly-carbonate lenses are recommended due to their impact resistance. Ensure your lenses have a scratch-resistant coating for durability.


When playing football, protecting your eyes is essential. Wearing prescription sports glasses designed for football can help prevent injuries and enhance your visual performance on the field. Choose frames that fit comfortably under your helmet, offer a secure fit, and are lightweight. Opt for impact-resistant poly-carbonate lenses and keep your prescription up to date. With the right eyewear, you’ll be fully equipped to excel in the game you love.

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