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Neymar’s Languages: Unveiling the Communication Skills of the Brazilian Footballer

what language does messi speak to neymar

The skillful Brazilian star, Neymar, is renowned for his extraordinary talent and mesmerizing abilities on the football field. As one of the most gifted players of his generation, he has played alongside teammates from various countries, each speaking different languages. This begs the question: How does Neymar communicate with them? Let’s dive into the languages spoken by Neymar and explore intriguing details about him.

Where is Neymar from? Hailing from Brazil, Neymar has become a household name and one of the most popular and wealthiest athletes in the world. Watching him play brings immense joy and enthusiasm to football lovers worldwide. Now, let’s delve into his linguistic profile.

List of Neymar’s Languages

Languages spoken by Neymar

How many languages can Neymar speak? Having played in multiple countries and experienced diverse cultures, Neymar is proficient in two languages: Spanish and Portuguese. Here’s a timeline of languages spoken by Neymar.

Does Neymar speak Portuguese fluently?

The Al Hilal forward is fluent in Portuguese, his native language. As the official and national language of Brazil, Portuguese is spoken by the majority of people in the country. Neymar, having lived and played football in Brazil until the age of 21, mastered the language effortlessly.

Can Neymar speak Spanish?

Neymar is also fluent in Spanish. He reportedly learned the language a few years before his move to Barcelona in 2013. During his time at the Catalan club, his interactions with Spanish and Catalan speakers further strengthened his command over the language.

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Neymar spent four seasons at Barcelona where he played alongside many Spanish and Catalan speakers. Although he knows some Catalan, his fluency primarily lies in Spanish.

Does Neymar speak English fluently?

English is widely spoken globally, but Neymar’s fluency in the language is not on par with his proficiency in Spanish and Portuguese. In June 2023, a TikTok video of the Al Hilal star conducting a rare interview in English surprised many on Twitter. The forward demonstrated his understanding of the language by answering questions about the cost of his clothing.

Does Neymar speak French?

Does Neymar speak English?

Neymar made a record-breaking transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for approximately $240 million in August 2017. During his six seasons in Paris, he faced criticism from some French media outlets for not making enough effort to learn the French language. This was viewed by some as a sign of disrespect towards the French culture.

What languages does Neymar speak in Saudi Arabia?

Neymar moved to Saudi Arabia in August 2023 to join Al Hilal. Although Arabic is the country’s prominent language, Neymar does not understand it and often relies on translators to communicate. He primarily uses Spanish and Portuguese when interacting with those who understand the languages.

Does Messi and Neymar Speak English?

Does Messi and Neymar speak English?

Lionel Messi and Neymar forged a formidable partnership during their time at Barcelona and reunited at Paris Saint-Germain. They share a strong friendship on and off the pitch. Messi is fluent in Spanish, his native language, having been born and raised in Argentina. He also understands and speaks Catalan due to his extensive time in Barcelona. However, Messi does not speak Portuguese, French, or English. Neymar, being fluent in Spanish, is able to communicate seamlessly with Messi in their shared language.

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What Language Does Neymar Speak to Mbappe?

The dynamic duo of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe formed an incredible connection at Paris Saint-Germain, contributing to the club’s dominance in domestic competitions and continuous improvement in Europe. Neymar and Mbappe communicate effectively because they both speak Spanish. As a Parisian, Mbappe is fluent in multiple languages, including French, Spanish, and English.

Interesting Facts about Neymar

How many languages does Neymar speak?

Apart from Neymar’s illustrious football career, he leads a life rich with personal experiences. Here are some fascinating details about the Brazilian superstar:

Who are Neymar’s parents?

Neymar was born to Neymar Santos Sr. and Nadine Gonçalves. His father used to be a footballer in Brazil’s lowest league but had to quit due to a severe injury. Nadine, on the other hand, was a homemaker. Neymar also has a sister named Rafaella Beckran.

Is Neymar married?

Neymar is not currently married and reportedly single. Throughout his life, he has dated several women, including Carolina Dantas, Barbara Evans Clark, Mayra Cardi, Bruna Marquezine, and Bruna Biancardi. However, he split with his girlfriend Bruna in November 2023 following reports of his infidelity.

Who are Neymar’s children?

The talented forward has two children with different mothers. His son, Davi Lucca, was born on August 24, 2011, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lucca’s mother is Carolina Dantas. Neymar also has a daughter named Mavie, born on October 7, 2023, from his relationship with Bruna Biancardi.

Social media presence

With a strong presence on social media, Neymar is one of the most followed athletes in the world. As of December 2023, he boasts 217 million followers on Instagram, 92 million followers on Facebook, and 62 million followers on Twitter.

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Can Neymar speak English?

Neymar’s fluency in English is not as strong as his command over Spanish and Portuguese. However, he has shown a basic understanding of English in interviews, surprising many who believed he had limited knowledge of the language.

Will Neymar learn Arabic while in Saudi Arabia?

Neymar’s move to Saudi Arabia does not guarantee that he will learn Arabic. Thus far, he relies on translators to communicate with others in the country. Only time will tell if he will make an effort to learn the language.


Neymar’s ability to communicate in multiple languages, including Spanish and Portuguese, has played a vital role in his successful career. While he may face certain language barriers, his skills on the pitch and his impressive command over Spanish and Portuguese enable him to connect with his teammates effectively. Neymar’s linguistic abilities contribute to his role as a leader and a talented player, making him an icon in the world of football.

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