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Sporting Kansas City: A Look into the 2023 Salaries

It’s that time of year again when Major League Soccer (MLS) fans eagerly await the release of the salary data. The recently released 2023 data by the MLS Players Association (MLSPA) has shed light on the salaries of Sporting Kansas City players. Let’s take a closer look at some key points from the salary report.

Prior Salaries and Roster Designations

Before diving into the latest salary figures, it’s worth noting some previous data points for Sporting Kansas City. The salary data gives us an idea of the team’s financial history, including fall and spring seasons of recent years.

It’s important to consider some roster designations that add context to these salaries. The team has three Designated Players (DPs) and three U-22 Initiative Players. These designations affect how players’ salaries are accounted for against the salary cap.

New Signings and Their Salaries

One of the first things fans want to know is how much the new signings are being paid. While Sporting KC didn’t make significant changes to their roster in the offseason, a few new additions stand out.

Defensive midfielder Nemanja Radoja is the highest-paid new player, earning $1,530,000. He falls under the Targeted Allocation Money (TAM) signing range, making him the third-highest paid player on the team. Left back Tim Leibold, another newcomer, is earning $501,050, slightly less than the rumored $700,000.

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Salary Changes and Noteworthy Figures

Looking at the salary changes, there are several players who have experienced significant shifts in their earnings. One notable change is Roger Espinoza, who took a substantial pay cut, going from $300,000 in 2022 to the Senior Minimum of $85,444. On the other hand, Khiry Shelton saw a raise from $350,000 to an astonishing $625,000, the same figure he earned in 2021.

Johnny Russell took a massive pay cut, going from $2,000,000 to $1,000,000 this season. However, this adjustment was due to a change in contract structure and designation, as explained by coach Peter Vermes before the season. Thommy, formerly known as Daniel Salloi, saw his salary increase from $1,306,250 to $1,656,250, pushing him over the true DP threshold.

Other players who received raises include Tim Melia, Graham Zusi, Felipe Hernandez, and John Pulskamp. Andreu Fontas, on the other hand, took a pay cut from $1,125,000 to $675,000 on his new contract.

Full 2023 Sporting KC Salary Data

Without further ado, here are the complete salary figures for the 2023 season:

First Name Last Name Position(s) Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Alan Pulido F $2,200,000.00 $2,200,000.00
Erik Thommy M $1,550,000.00 $1,656,250.00
Nemanja Radoja M $1,440,000.00 $1,530,000.00
Daniel Salloi F $1,100,000.00 $1,100,000.00
Johnny Russell F $1,000,000.00 $1,000,000.00
Gadi Kinda M $850,000.00 $918,000.00
Rémi Walter M $850,000.00 $850,000.00
Tim Melia GK $625,000.00 $637,500.00
Khiry Shelton F $575,000.00 $625,000.00
Marinos Tzionis F $625,000.00 $625,000.00
Tim Leibold D $500,000.00 $501,050.00
Dany Rosero D $456,000.00 $456,000.00
Robert Voloder D $425,000.00 $452,860.00
Andreu Fontàs D $450,000.00 $450,000.00
Logan Ndenbe D $350,000.00 $396,125.00
Graham Zusi D $325,000.00 $325,000.00
Willy Agada F $225,000.00 $271,875.00
Felipe Hernández M $175,000.00 $207,000.00
John Pulskamp GK $150,000.00 $173,500.00
Kortne Ford D $165,000.00 $170,000.00
Cameron Duke M $137,500.00 $140,500.00
Kendall McIntosh GK $130,000.00 $130,000.00
Kayden Pierre D $85,444.00 $91,819.00
Ozzie Cisneros M $85,444.00 $88,444.00
Robert Castellanos D $85,444.00 $85,444.00
Jake Davis M $85,444.00 $85,444.00
Róger Espinoza M $85,444.00 $85,444.00
Stephen Afrifa F $67,360.00 $67,360.00
Danny Flores M $67,360.00 $67,360.00
Chris Rindov D $67,360.00 $67,360.00
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For more details on the Sporting Kansas City salaries, visit Pesstatsdatabase.


Q: What is the Senior Minimum salary?
A: The Senior Minimum salary refers to the minimum amount a player can earn based on their experience and contract status.

Q: What is a Targeted Allocation Money (TAM) signing?
A: TAM signings are players whose salaries fall between the MLS max budget charge and a designated range. This allows teams to sign high-quality players without using a Designated Player (DP) slot.

Q: How are transfer fees accounted for in the salary data?
A: The salary data does not include transfer fees paid for players. Only the base salary and guaranteed compensation are considered.


The release of the 2023 Sporting Kansas City salary data has provided valuable insights into the team’s financial structure and player salaries. Some players have seen significant changes in their earnings, while others have remained consistent. As the season progresses, fans will be eager to see if players can live up to their salaries and contribute to the team’s success. To stay updated on all things Sporting KC, visit Pesstatsdatabase.