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The Legends of the Number 2 Jersey

2 jersey number

Certain jersey numbers hold a special place in the hearts of sports fans, symbolizing greatness and legendary performances. The number 2 jersey is no exception, with a long list of remarkable athletes who have worn it across different sports. In this article, we will explore some of the best athletes to ever don the iconic number 2 jersey, highlighting their achievements, skills, and impact on their respective sports.

Alex English

Alex English, often overlooked in NBA conversations, was a scoring machine and one of the most underrated players of his generation. After struggling for playing time in his early years, English became a force to be reckoned with after joining the Denver Nuggets. He led the league in scoring during the 1980s, averaging more than 28 points per game for four seasons. Despite never reaching the NBA Finals, his scoring prowess earned him a well-deserved place in the Nuggets’ rafters.

Brian Leetch

Brian Leetch wasted no time making an impact in the NHL. As a rookie for the New York Rangers, he set a record for most goals by a rookie defenseman, a record still standing today. Leetch’s offensive contributions from the blue line were exceptional, and he became one of just six NHL defensemen to score over 100 points in a single season. He holds numerous Rangers records and is regarded as one of the best defensemen in NHL history.

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Cafu, the Brazilian fullback, redefined the role of a defender with his exceptional skills and marauding runs down the right flank. He enjoyed success both in Brazil and Italy, winning league titles with Roma and AC Milan. Cafu’s international career was equally impressive, earning him the record for the most appearances for the Brazilian national team and the distinction of being the only player to appear in three consecutive World Cup finals, winning two of them.

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter, synonymous with the New York Yankees, is hailed as one of the greatest players in the franchise’s illustrious history. Jeter’s 19-year career was filled with accomplishments, including five championships and numerous individual awards. He holds multiple Yankees records, including hits, games played, doubles, stolen bases, and more. Jeter’s leadership and clutch performances made him a beloved figure in New York sports history.

Doug Harvey

Doug Harvey, considered one of the NHL’s all-time best defensemen, revolutionized the position with his offensive contributions. He won the Norris Trophy seven times, the second-most in NHL history. Harvey’s stellar career included stints with the Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, and St. Louis Blues. His impact on the game led to his induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1973.

Eddie Shore

Eddie Shore, one of the NHL’s original stars, had a brilliant career with the Boston Bruins. Known for his toughness, Shore’s physical style of play helped the Bruins win their first two championships. Despite playing for several teams, his legacy was cemented with Boston, where his number 2 jersey hangs in the rafters.

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Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard defies conventional NBA superstar expectations. Despite being a mid-draft selection, Leonard’s exceptional skills and versatility propelled him to become one of the league’s best players. He played a pivotal role in the San Antonio Spurs’ championship win against LeBron James and led the Toronto Raptors to their first championship in 2019. Leonard’s two-way ability and impact on the court have earned him multiple accolades, including Finals MVP awards and All-NBA selections.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving’s talent on the basketball court is undeniable, despite the controversies surrounding his career. Known for his incredible ball-handling and scoring instincts, Irving has dazzled fans with his skills. He played a crucial role in the Cleveland Cavaliers’ championship-winning team alongside LeBron James and has established himself as one of the NBA’s elite point guards.

Matt Ryan

Matty Ice, as he is affectionately known, wore the number 2 jersey throughout his entire NFL career with the Atlanta Falcons. Ryan shattered numerous team records and led the Falcons to a Super Bowl appearance, earning himself the MVP award in 2016. Although his career has taken a different direction since leaving Atlanta, Ryan’s impact on the franchise is undeniable.

Moses Malone

Moses Malone is often overlooked when discussing the greatest NBA big men, but his contributions to the game cannot be overstated. Known as the Chairman of the Boards, Malone holds the NBA record for offensive rebounds and ranks highly in total rebounds. He led the Philadelphia 76ers to an NBA championship in 1983 and was a dominant force during his career.

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Q: Are there any honorable mentions for athletes who wore the number 2 jersey?
A: Certainly! Some notable athletes who narrowly missed the top 10 list include Charlie Gehringer, Dani Alves, David Akers, Duncan Keith, Gary Neville, Jason Kidd, Larry Johnson, and Mitch Richmond.


The number 2 jersey has been graced by some of the most talented athletes in sports history. From NBA superstars to NHL legends and NFL icons, these athletes have left an indelible mark on their respective sports. Their accomplishments, skills, and impact continue to inspire future generations of athletes.