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Helpful Tips for Traveling with a Soccer Ball on an Airplane

will an inflatable ball pop on an airplane

I love traveling on airplanes, but I always wondered if it’s possible to bring a soccer ball with me and if there’s a chance it could pop. So I did some research to provide you with the answers. Whether you’re a dedicated football player or a fan, it’s important to know the regulations and precautions when traveling with a soccer ball.

Why a Soccer Ball May Pop on the Plane

Air pressure plays a crucial role in this matter. As an airplane ascends, the air pressure decreases significantly. The reduced pressure in the aircraft cabin can cause the air inside a fully inflated soccer ball to expand, potentially leading to the ball bursting at the seams. While the risk is relatively low, it is advisable to take precautions to prevent any mishaps.

Can I Take a Soccer Ball on a Plane?

The majority of airlines worldwide allow passengers to bring a soccer ball onboard. Many airlines permit the ball to be carried as either carry-on baggage or checked baggage. However, deflating the ball is advisable to minimize the risk of it popping. It’s important to note that specific airlines may have their own policies, so it’s a good idea to confirm with the airline you are flying with.

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What Airlines Say

I reached out to various airlines to inquire about their policies regarding soccer balls. Here are some of the responses I received:

  • United Airlines: “You should have no problems bringing a soccer ball with you on board as long as it fits within your personal item or carry-on bag. You’re more than welcome to speak with the check-in agent regarding having it placed in your checked luggage.”
  • American Airlines: “We double-checked against, and you’re welcome to bring it as a checked or carry-on. There’s no restriction written that it must be deflated. If you’re bringing it onboard, you will need to ensure it either fits under the seat or in our overhead bin space.”
  • Lufthansa: “You can bring a soccer ball as long as it fits in your carry-on or checked bag. I recommend having it deflated before the flight.”
  • Emirates: “You’d need to deflate it and check it in.”

As you can see, different airlines have slightly different policies. It is always a good idea to deflate the ball and pack it in your checked baggage to minimize any potential risks.

How to Deflate a Soccer Ball

If you plan on taking a deflated soccer ball on an airplane, you will need to know how to deflate it. The easiest method is to use a needle, similar to the type used to inflate a ball. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Place the soccer ball in front of you with the valve at the top.
  2. Pour a small amount of water into the valve to lubricate it.
  3. Insert the needle into the valve, ensuring the sharpest end is facing the valve.
  4. Slowly insert the needle until you hear the hissing sound of air being released from the ball. Be firm but careful not to damage the bladder inside the ball.
  5. Once deflated to the desired point, remove the needle. Squeeze the ball if needed to remove the final bit of air.
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If a needle is not readily available, you can use other thin, pointed objects such as a straightened paper clip or a thin pen. However, it is crucial to be cautious as these alternative methods may damage the ball.

Other Sporting Equipment on an Airplane

If you’re considering bringing other sporting equipment, such as a football or soccer cleats, on the plane, the regulations generally allow for their transportation. Again, it’s advisable to check with the specific airline for any restrictions or guidelines.


Q: Can I take a soccer ball on an airplane?
A: Yes, most airlines allow passengers to bring a soccer ball with them. It’s recommended to deflate the ball before traveling to reduce the risk of damage.

Q: Do I need to check the soccer ball or carry it on?
A: Different airlines have different policies. Some allow the ball as carry-on, while others may ask you to check it. It’s best to confirm with the airline you are flying with.

Q: How do I deflate a soccer ball?
A: The easiest way is to use a needle. Insert the needle into the valve and release the air slowly. Alternatively, you can use other thin, pointed objects, but be careful not to damage the ball.


Traveling with a soccer ball on an airplane is generally allowed by most airlines. Although there is a small risk of the ball popping due to changes in air pressure, taking precautions such as deflating the ball can significantly minimize this risk. Remember to check with your specific airline for any additional guidelines and enjoy your journey with the Pesstatsdatabase!

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