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Manchester United Players Set to Shine at the 2023 Women’s World Cup

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The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is fast approaching, and fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the action. As the teams finalize their squads, it’s time to take a closer look at the Manchester United players set to represent their national teams in this prestigious tournament. Let’s explore the role they’ll play on the international stage and what we can expect from them.


Ella Toone

Ella Toone, the current holder of the historic No. 7 shirt at Manchester United, made headlines with her performance in the UEFA Euro 2022 Final. As an important player off the bench during England’s campaign, Toone is expected to play a more significant role this time around. Sporting the No. 10 shirt, she has impressed as an attacking midfielder, linking up with England’s talented forward line. With the pressure on her for creativity, Toone is ready to shine on the international stage.

Mary Earps

Mary Earps, the 2022/23 FA Women’s Super League Golden Glove winner and FIFA Best Women’s Goalkeeper in 2022, is a formidable presence in goal. After an impressive performance in the Euros, where she kept four clean sheets, Earps continued her excellent form with Manchester United, ending the league campaign with 14 clean sheets. With her shot-stopping ability and composure under pressure, Earps will be a key player for England.

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Katie Zelem

Although unlikely to start for the Lionesses, Katie Zelem, United’s midfield playmaker, will make her first major tournament appearance for England at the World Cup. Zelem’s presence in the midfield adds stability and creativity to the team. Her ability to dictate play and contribute to set pieces makes her a valuable asset for the team. With her exceptional passing and scoring ability, Zelem is poised to make an impact if called upon.


Vilde Bøe Risa

Vilde Bøe Risa, a creative attacking midfielder for Manchester United, is a key player for Norway. With her skill on the ball and ability to create chances, she plays an essential role in Norway’s squad. Alongside her talented teammates, she aims to make a stronger showing at the World Cup than they did in the Euros. Keep an eye on Bøe Risa as she looks to showcase her talent on the international stage.


Jayde Riviere and Adriana Leon

Both Jayde Riviere and Adriana Leon have been included in Canada’s provisional squad and are expected to make the final cut. Leon, with her experience and goal-scoring ability, has been a crucial player for Canada, while Riviere is set for a more prominent role following the departure of Ona Batlle. As they represent Canada on the world stage, these Manchester United players will be eager to contribute to their team’s success.


Aissatou Tounkara and Estelle Cascarino

Aissatou Tounkara and Estelle Cascarino, who had limited game time at Manchester United last season, have the opportunity to shine for France at the World Cup. Tounkara, with her experience and versatility, is the more likely candidate to make the final squad. These players will be looking to make their mark and prove their worth on the international stage.

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Recent Departures: Alessia Russo and Ona Batlle

Although no longer part of Manchester United, it’s essential to mention the contributions of Alessia Russo and Ona Batlle. Russo, one of the stars of England’s Euro campaign, will take on a more prominent role in the absence of Ellen White. Batlle, a vital player for United last season, will play a similar influential role for a Spain squad facing challenges. As tensions remain high within the Spanish federation, Batlle’s presence will be crucial for the team’s cohesion.


1. Which Manchester United players are representing their national teams at the 2023 Women’s World Cup?

  • Ella Toone (England)
  • Mary Earps (England)
  • Katie Zelem (England)
  • Vilde Bøe Risa (Norway)
  • Jayde Riviere (Canada)
  • Adriana Leon (Canada)
  • Aissatou Tounkara (France)
  • Estelle Cascarino (France)

2. Who are the standout players to watch from Manchester United?

Ella Toone’s progression as an attacking midfielder and Mary Earps’ exceptional goalkeeping skills make them standout players to watch from Manchester United.

3. Are there any notable absentees from the Manchester United squad?

Alessia Russo, who played a vital role in England’s Euro triumph, and Ona Batlle, a key player for Manchester United last season, have left the club but will be representing their respective national teams in the World Cup.


As the 2023 Women’s World Cup draws near, Manchester United fans have plenty to be excited about. With several players set to represent their national teams, the tournament promises to showcase the talent and skill of these incredible athletes. From Ella Toone’s creativity to Mary Earps’ shot-stopping ability, these Manchester United players will be essential to their respective teams’ success. As we eagerly await the World Cup, let’s cheer on our favorite players and celebrate the beautiful game of women’s football.

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