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Philadelphia Union’s Commitment to Their Core Players Shines Through Updated Salaries

philadelphia union salaries

While the Philadelphia Union made headlines by breaking their transfer fee record and adding new attacking talent to their squad, the real story of the offseason lies in the players they managed to retain. The recent update on salary figures by the MLS Players Association highlights the club’s investment in keeping their key players together.

A Reward for Consistency and Performance

Jack Elliott, the center back for the Union, saw his guaranteed compensation increase by an impressive $453,750. His defensive partner, Jakob Glesnes, also received a substantial raise of $290,938. Both players negotiated new contracts during the offseason and now rank among the top-paid individuals on the roster.

Goalkeeper Andre Blake Secures His Spot

Andre Blake, widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in MLS, received a well-deserved increase of $219,375, bringing his guaranteed compensation to $869,375. This makes him the second-highest-paid goalkeeper in the league, just behind Eloy Room.

Mikael Uhre Leads the Pack

Mikael Uhre, the Danish striker, currently holds the title of the highest-paid player on the team. With a guaranteed compensation of $1,582,500, Uhre joins Alejandro Bedoya as one of only two players on the roster earning over $1 million. His figure surpasses that of Jamiro Monteiro, the designated player from last season, by $106,250.

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Julian Carranza’s Arrival

Julian Carranza, a loan acquisition, is set to earn $900,000 in guaranteed compensation. Although slightly less than Kacper Przybylko’s earnings last season, Carranza’s arrival adds significant firepower to the Union’s attacking options.

Sergio Santos’ Raise

Sergio Santos, after an outstanding season, received a generous raise of $190,000 in guaranteed compensation. His current earnings stand at $918,500, making him the third-highest-paid player on the roster.

Hidden Gems of the Union

Kai Wagner and Jose Martinez continue to be among the team’s most valuable assets. Martinez, a reliable defender, earns $251,250, while Wagner, considered one of the league’s best left-backs, receives a modest $581,000 in guaranteed compensation.

Daniel Gazdag’s Impressive Impact

Daniel Gazdag, the Hungarian international, has made a significant impact since joining the Union. Despite not being a designated player or TAM player, Gazdag’s impressive performances have earned him a spot on the team with guaranteed compensation of $586,250.

Shrewd Investments and Value for Money

While the Union ranks 19th in total guaranteed compensation among the 28 teams, they continue to extract great value from their roster. Their investment in Uhre and Carranza, replacing higher earners from last season, allowed them to allocate a 13 percent increase in total compensation towards retaining a team that came within a win of reaching the MLS Cup.


How do the salaries of Philadelphia Union players compare to other teams in MLS?

The Philadelphia Union currently rank 19th in total guaranteed compensation among the 28 teams in MLS. This demonstrates the club’s ability to maintain success on the field while operating within a lower spending bracket.

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Who is the highest-paid player on the Philadelphia Union roster?

Mikael Uhre, the Danish striker, holds the distinction of being the highest-paid player on the Philadelphia Union roster. With guaranteed compensation of $1,582,500, Uhre’s salary reflects his importance to the team.

Are there any surprising salary expenditures on the Philadelphia Union roster?

Two notable expenditure surprises on the salary update include Matej Oravec, who is on loan in Slovakia and earns $314,500 without having played a single minute, and Gino Portella, a center back whose status with the team remains uncertain but is listed at $99,169.


The updated salary figures for the Philadelphia Union highlight the club’s commitment to their core players. By investing in contracts and securing key individuals, the Union have demonstrated their intention to build upon their previous successes. As a team operating within a lower spending bracket, the Union have managed to extract great value from their salary compensation while remaining competitive near the top of the league table. With a blend of talented new signings and retained key players, the future looks bright for the Philadelphia Union.