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Liverpool Coach Takes Gamble on Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Position

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It takes courage to make a bold change, especially when it comes to altering a team’s system. Liverpool coach Pepijn Lijnders took a gamble by betting his own salary on a new strategy involving Trent Alexander-Arnold. The move has paid off so far, as the team ended the previous season unbeaten.

A New Formation Emerges

Towards the end of last season, Jurgen Klopp made a significant change to Liverpool’s formation. While still primarily a 4-3-3, the team adopted a new approach. When out of possession, they shifted into a 4-3-3, but with the ball, they transitioned into a 3-4-3. This change allowed Trent Alexander-Arnold to have more freedom in midfield, while Andy Robertson moved into a center-back role.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, August 13, 2023: Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold during the pre-match warm-up before the FA Premier League match between Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC at Stamford Bridge. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The Vision and the Gamble

Pepijn Lijnders, speaking on the Training Ground Guru podcast, revealed that the idea to change the setup came from him. He strongly advocated for Trent Alexander-Arnold to play in a more central role. Lijnders believed in the young player’s ability to make exceptional passes and take shots from distance. He was confident that this change would benefit the team’s attacking prowess.

“I remember the discussions before, and I said to Jurgen, ‘please, I will give all my salary for next year, if it doesn’t work – but we have to try because this boy, from the inside, will be a present,'” Lijnders recalled.

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The Transformation

The new system made its debut in a 2-2 draw against Arsenal in April. Liverpool then went on an impressive seven-game winning streak before two consecutive draws to close out the season. Lijnders explained that the team became more compact and balanced with the ball. They were able to mitigate counter-attacks and regain their unity as a team.

“Sometimes a change like that is enough for players to feel free again and to feel comfortable,” Lijnders added.

Ironing Out the Kinks

While the 3-4-3 formation is still a work in progress, especially with the integration of new midfielders, there is hope that it will yield positive long-term results. Trent Alexander-Arnold has expressed his enjoyment of the newfound freedom in his position, while Lijnders is pleased that his gamble paid off.

“The year before we already moved him more often inside, but now we felt like we needed to do something,” Lijnders explained. “It was cool. I love that when these things work out. And I didn’t lose my salary – that’s more important!”


What is Liverpool’s new formation?

Liverpool has adopted a new formation that transitions from a 4-3-3 to a 3-4-3. This change allows Trent Alexander-Arnold to have more freedom in midfield and Andy Robertson to play as a center-back.

Did Pepijn Lijnders bet his salary on the success of the new strategy?

Yes, Pepijn Lijnders took a gamble and bet his salary on the success of the new system. He believed in Trent Alexander-Arnold’s abilities and was confident that the change would benefit the team.

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Has the new formation been successful so far?

The new formation has shown promise, with Liverpool ending the previous season unbeaten. However, there are still adjustments to be made, particularly with integrating new midfielders into the system.


Liverpool’s decision to change their formation and give Trent Alexander-Arnold more freedom in midfield has proven to be a wise move. While there are still improvements to be made, the team’s unbeaten end to the previous season is a testament to the success of the new strategy. Pepijn Lijnders took a gamble with his salary, and it has paid off for both him and the team. With time and further adjustments, Liverpool’s new formation has the potential to bring even more success in the future.