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The Rise of Asian NFL Players: A Look at the Top 10 Asian Players of All Time

Are there any Asian NFL players? The representation of Asian players in the NFL may be relatively small, but there are exceptional talents who have made a name for themselves in the game. In this article, we will delve into the top 10 Asian NFL players of all time, celebrating their achievements and contributions to the sport.

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Top 10 Asian NFL Players

10. Scott Fujita

Scott Fujita, a former linebacker, is undoubtedly one of the best players in the league’s history. Born on April 28, 1979, in Ventura, California, Fujita played for the Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, and Cleveland Browns. Standing tall at 6’6″ and weighing 250lb, Fujita’s remarkable career earned him a Super Bowl victory in 2010.

Scott Fujita

9. Roman Gabriel

Roman Gabriel, a 6’5″ quarterback born on August 5, 1940, in Wilmington, North Carolina, had an impressive career playing for the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles. Gabriel’s numerous accolades include being named NFL Most Valuable Player in 1969 and a four-time Pro Bowl selection.

Roman Gabriel

8. Eugene Chung

Eugene Chung, the first Korean American player to be drafted in the first round of an NFL draft, had a notable career as an offensive lineman. Born on June 14, 1969, in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Chung played for teams such as the New England Patriots, Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts, and Kansas City Chiefs. He also had a successful coaching career, which included a Super Bowl win.

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Eugene Chung

7. John Lee

John Lee, the star placekicker born on May 19, 1964, in Seoul, South Korea, moved to the United States with his family and became an integral part of the NFL. Playing for teams like the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Raiders, Lee was recognized as a two-time All-Pac-10 player in 1984 and 1985.

6. Dat Nguyen

Dat Nguyen, a former linebacker born on December 25, 1975, in Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, had an impressive career with the Dallas Cowboys. Nguyen, of Vietnamese descent, later transitioned into coaching and made significant contributions to the team as an inside linebackers coach.

Dat Nguyen

5. Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray, the talented quarterback, has made a name for himself in the NFL. Born on August 7, 1997, in Bedford, Texas, Murray’s mixed-race background includes a Korean mother. Standing at 5’10” and weighing 194lb, Murray currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals and has achieved numerous accolades, including NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2019.

Kyler Murray

4. Tedy Bruschi

Tedy Bruschi, a former linebacker, is not only one of the best Asian players but also a three-time Super Bowl champion. Born on June 9, 1973, in San Francisco, California, Bruschi played for the New England Patriots for the majority of his career. He has since transitioned into coaching and currently serves as the senior advisor to the Arizona Wildcats head coach.

Tedy Bruschi

3. Patrick Chung

Patrick Chung, born on August 19, 1987, to a Jamaican mother and a Chinese father in Kingston, Jamaica, has made a significant impact in the NFL. Standing at 5’11” and weighing 215lb, Chung played for the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, earning three Super Bowl rings.

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Patrick Chung

2. Younghoe Koo

Younghoe Koo, hailing from Seoul, South Korea, has become a prominent figure in the NFL as a placekicker. Koo has played for teams such as the Los Angeles Chargers, Atlanta Legends, New England Patriots, and currently the Atlanta Falcons. His accomplishments include winning the 2020 Pro Bowl and being the NFL scoring leader in 2020.

Younghoe Koo

1. Hines Ward

At the top of our list is Hines Ward, whose success in the NFL is unparalleled. Born on March 8, 1976, in Seoul, South Korea, Ward had an illustrious career as a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1998 to 2011. Ward’s achievements include two Super Bowl victories and being named Super Bowl MVP in XLIII. After retiring, Ward transitioned into coaching and has made significant contributions to the sport.

Hines Ward


Who was the first Asian American NFL player?

Arthur Matsu, hailing from Hawaii, holds the distinction of being the first Asian American NFL player. He joined the Daytona Triangles in 1928 and was a starter in four of the six games he played for the team.

What percentage of the NFL is black?

Approximately 56.4% of NFL players are black. While African Americans make up a significant percentage of NFL players, the representation of Asian players in the league is growing steadily.

The Asian NFL players exemplify the talent and diversity present in the sport. Each of these individuals has left an indelible mark on the game and inspired future generations. To learn more about football and explore player statistics, visit Pesstatsdatabase, the ultimate destination for football enthusiasts.

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The Asian NFL players on this list have defied odds and showcased their exceptional skills on the field. From Scott Fujita to Hines Ward, these individuals have left a lasting impact on the NFL. As the league continues to evolve, we can expect to see more Asian players rise to prominence and contribute to the sport’s rich history.

So, the next time you watch an NFL game, remember these remarkable individuals and the barriers they’ve overcome to excel in the sport they love.