Thursday, 18 Apr 2024

Eloy Room Leaves Columbus Crew: A New Chapter Begins


The Columbus Crew and Eloy Room have officially parted ways, reaching a mutual agreement to terminate the goalkeeper’s contract. After a disappointing 2023 season, Room is now a free agent, ready to embark on a new chapter in his career. This decision, although not surprising for those following the situation, ultimately benefits both Room and the club.

A Farewell to a Great Teammate

“Since joining the Crew in the summer of 2019, Eloy has consistently been a great teammate and leader for our club on the pitch and in the community,” said Crew president and general manager Tim Bezbatchenko. Room’s contributions were integral to the team’s success, notably helping them clinch the MLS Cup in 2020. However, through open and respectful conversations, it was collectively decided that it was best for Room to explore opportunities elsewhere.

Room’s Challenging Season

During the current MLS season, Room has only appeared in three games, playing a total of 270 minutes and earning one clean sheet. Visa issues prevented him from starting as the team’s number one goalkeeper in the season opener against the Philadelphia Union. Furthermore, he also suffered a knee injury early on, which allowed second-year goalkeeper Patrick Schulte to excel and secure the starting position for the Black & Gold.

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A Memorable Journey

Room’s time with the Crew has been remarkable. Since joining as a free agent from PSV Eindhoven in 2019, he has amassed over 8,000 minutes of play and recorded 25 clean sheets. His standout performances during the 2018 Gold Cup caught the attention of the Crew, who signed him to replace Zack Steffen after his move to Manchester City. Room played a pivotal role in guiding the team to their second MLS Cup championship in 2020.

A Heartfelt Farewell

Expressing his gratitude, Room stated, “I want to thank the city of Columbus for welcoming me as it did, the Columbus Crew for bringing me in, my teammates for the countless battles, and the staff for everything they do.” He also expressed his appreciation for the unwavering support from the club’s passionate fans, especially the Nordecke. While leaving as a player, Room emphasized that he will forever remain a fan of the Columbus Crew.

What’s Next for Eloy Room?

Vitesse, Room’s former club, has expressed interest in bringing him back. It is likely that the goalkeeper will soon sign with the club where he began his professional career. Exciting times lie ahead as Room embarks on a new journey, reclaiming his place between the posts.


  1. What led to the termination of Eloy Room’s contract with Columbus Crew? The decision was made in the best interest of both Room and the club, following open and respectful conversations.

  2. What were Eloy Room’s contributions to the Columbus Crew? Room played a crucial role in helping the team win the MLS Cup in 2020 and was regarded as a great teammate and leader.

  3. Which club is Room expected to sign with next? Room’s former club, Vitesse, has shown interest in signing him, and it is likely that he will join them.

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Eloy Room’s departure from the Columbus Crew marks the end of a special chapter in his career. As a free agent, he now has the opportunity to explore new horizons and pursue new achievements. The Columbus Crew and its fans will always cherish the unforgettable moments shared with Room, and he will forever be a part of the club’s history. Good luck, Eloy Room!