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Karim Benzema Welcomes Fourth Child: Real Madrid Star’s Growing Family

karim benzema kids

Real Madrid star Karim Benzema has reason to celebrate as he becomes a father for the fourth time. The French striker, who recently clinched the Ballon d’Or award, has reportedly welcomed his first child with model girlfriend Jordan Ozuna.

A New Addition to the Benzema Clan

According to exclusive reports by Semana magazine, Benzema’s girlfriend Jordan Ozuna gave birth to their first child recently. The American model checked into the Ruber clinic in Madrid on April 26th and had a smooth and natural delivery the following day. Although the couple has not officially confirmed the news, sources indicate that mother and baby are doing well.

Karim Benzema and his girlfriend Jordan Ozuna

A Growing Family

Benzema, 35, is no stranger to fatherhood, having children from previous relationships. He has a five-year-old son named Ibrahim with his ex-girlfriend Cora Gauthier, as well as an eight-year-old daughter named Melia and a three-year-old son named Nouri with French nurse Chloe de Launey. Now, with the arrival of his first child with Ozuna, Benzema’s family continues to expand.

Who is Jordan Ozuna?

Jordan Ozuna, 32, is an American model who previously worked as a waitress at the famous American restaurant chain, Hooters, in Las Vegas. She has since pursued a successful career in modeling and is signed with multiple US-based modeling agencies.

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Karim Benzema's girlfriend Jordan Ozuna

Ozuna and Benzema’s relationship became public last summer when they were spotted together on the player’s yacht. Since then, they have been building a strong bond and frequently appear together on social media. Ozuna was even present at the Champions League final in Paris, where Benzema helped lead Real Madrid to victory.

Karim Benzema's girlfriend Jordan Ozuna


Karim Benzema, the star striker for Real Madrid, has welcomed his fourth child with model girlfriend Jordan Ozuna. This new addition to the family further highlights Benzema’s joy off the pitch as his football career continues to soar. Stay tuned for more updates on Benzema’s personal and professional journey.


1. How many children does Karim Benzema have?
Karim Benzema has four children. He has a son named Ibrahim with his ex-girlfriend Cora Gauthier, a daughter named Melia and a son named Nouri with Chloe de Launey, and his first child with Jordan Ozuna.

2. Who is Jordan Ozuna?
Jordan Ozuna is an American model who is currently in a relationship with Karim Benzema. She used to work at Hooters in Las Vegas before pursuing a successful career in modeling.

3. How long have Benzema and Ozuna been together?
Benzema and Ozuna’s relationship became public last summer, and they have been steadily building their relationship ever since.

4. Does Karim Benzema have any other awards besides the Ballon d’Or?
Karim Benzema has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his career, including several La Liga titles and Champions League titles with Real Madrid.

5. What are Benzema’s future plans on and off the pitch?
Karim Benzema is focused on continuing his success with Real Madrid and helping the team achieve more silverware. Off the pitch, he is enjoying his growing family and spending quality time with his loved ones.

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