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Men’s Soccer National Championships: The Powerhouses of NCAA DI

best college soccer programs of all-time

When it comes to men’s soccer, the NCAA DI national championships have showcased some of the greatest teams in college soccer history. From the early years to the present day, teams have battled it out on the pitch to claim the coveted title. In this article, we will take a closer look at the powerhouses of men’s soccer and their impressive legacy.

Teams with the Most National Championships

1. St. Louis – 9

St. Louis dominated the early years of the men’s soccer national championship, winning an incredible nine titles in the first 14 years of the competition. Their last triumph came in 1973, cementing their status as one of the greatest teams in college soccer history.

2. Indiana – 8

Indiana University is known for its rich soccer tradition, having won eight national championships. Their highest-scoring final came in 1998, when they defeated Stanford 3-1. Although Indiana fell just short in 2018, losing in double overtime to Stanford, their legacy remains strong.

3. Virginia – 7

Virginia has been a force to be reckoned with in men’s college soccer, clinching seven national championships. Their four consecutive titles in the 1990s solidified their status as a dominant program. Virginia’s 1-1 double-overtime tie with Santa Clara in 1989 remains a memorable moment in championship history.

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4. San Francisco – 4

San Francisco made their mark on the college soccer landscape with four national championships. Their 1966 triumph, where they triumphed 5-2 over Long Island, remains one of the highest-scoring championship games in history. San Francisco’s consistency was evident as they reached four more national championship games.

5. UCLA – 4

UCLA may not have had consecutive championship wins, but they have achieved success with four national championships. Their first title in 1985 saw them triumph 1-0 over American after an incredible eight overtime periods. Their 1990 victory required four overtime periods, highlighting the team’s resilience.

6. Maryland – 4

Maryland entered the 2019 season as the reigning national champions, adding their third outright title to their trophy case. Although their 1968 championship ended in a tie against Michigan State, Maryland’s subsequent victories in 2005, 2008, and 2018 solidified their place among the elite.

7. Stanford – 3

Stanford may have taken a while to claim their first national championship in 2015, but they quickly established themselves as a dominant force in the following years. Their incredible three-peat from 2015 to 2017 showcased their ability to consistently perform at the highest level.


Q: How many national championships does St. Louis have?
A: St. Louis University holds the record for the most national championships in men’s soccer with a total of nine titles.

Q: Which team has the second-most national championships?
A: Indiana University is the proud holder of the second-most national championships with eight titles.

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Q: Has any team won four consecutive national championships?
A: Yes, Virginia achieved this remarkable feat, winning four consecutive titles in the 1990s.


The NCAA DI men’s soccer national championships have witnessed some of the greatest teams in college soccer history. St. Louis, Indiana, Virginia, San Francisco, UCLA, Maryland, and Stanford have left an indelible mark on the sport with their multiple title wins. As the competition continues, new teams will rise to the challenge, adding to the rich tapestry of men’s college soccer.

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