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FC Mobile Formations: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing the right formation in EA Sports FC Mobile (previously FIFA Mobile) is crucial for success in various game modes such as Versus Attack (VSA), Head to Head (H2H), and Manager Mode. Different modes require different strategies, so it’s essential to tailor your formation accordingly.

In Versus Attack (VSA) mode, an effective formation is one that allows you to quickly reach the opponent’s goal for scoring opportunities. On the other hand, in H2H or versus AI matches, a formation that focuses on counter-attacks tends to be more successful.

In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of formations in FC Mobile. We will present a complete list of formations, guide you on how to change formations, and recommend the best formations for VSA Attack mode, H2H mode, and AI matches.

The Complete List of FC Mobile Formations

There are a total of 27 formations in FC Mobile, categorized into three groups based on the number of defenders (ATB):

  • 3 ATB: 5 formations
  • 4 ATB: 18 formations
  • 5 ATB: 4 formations

Please refer to the Pesstatsdatabase for the full list of formations.

How to Change Formation

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Changing formations in FC Mobile is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. From the Main Screen, go to the ‘My Team’ menu.
  2. Click the Formation icon in the bottom right.
  3. Select the formation you want to use.
  4. Done!

Most Used Formations

The most commonly used formations in FC Mobile are:

  • 352
  • 3412
  • 433 Attack
  • 424
  • 451

These formations have been popular due to their balance between attack and defense.

Best Formations in VS Attack Mode

The best formations for VSA Mode in FC Mobile are 352 and 3412. The 352 formation is more defensive, featuring two additional CDMs. On the other hand, the 3412 formation is more attacking, with two additional CMs. When using the 352 formation, focus on defensive attributes for your CDMs. For the 3412 formation, prioritize offensive stats for your CMs.

Please note that formations in FC Mobile may be subject to regular tweaks by EA, so it’s important to stay updated with the latest changes and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Best Formations in H2H Mode

In H2H mode, where players often exploit wide areas for crossing passes, formations with 4 or 5 ATB are more effective. Using 3 ATB leaves the wide areas vulnerable. By employing 4 or 5 ATBs, the full-backs can cover the wide areas and prevent crossing abuses.

Best Formations vs AI Matches

This season, AI matches in FC Mobile are relatively easy to beat. Any formation can be effective against AI opponents. However, if you want an easier time defeating AI, adopting a counter-attack strategy similar to Mourinho’s style can be effective. Sit deep in defense and counter-attack swiftly with speedy strikers or wingers. Formations like 4222, 433 Attack, or 4231 are well-suited for this tactic.

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We hope this guide helps you in your FC Mobile journey. Don’t forget to check out our other guides on Rank Up and player training. You may also find our posts on the Best Cheap Players to Train and Top Fastest Players in The Game interesting.


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Formations play a crucial role in your success in FC Mobile. Tailoring your formation to the specific game mode and employing effective strategies can give you an edge over your opponents. Experiment with different formations, stay informed about updates, and adapt your tactics accordingly. Stay tuned for more tips and guides from Pesstatsdatabase!