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Top Insoles for Football Players: Prevent Field Injuries

best football cleats for plantar fasciitis

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional football player, injuries on the field are a harsh reality. The physical demands of sudden movements, changes in direction, active running, and sprinting take a toll on your feet. Two common foot issues that footballers often experience are damage to the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon.

To prevent injuries and manage existing foot conditions, it’s essential to invest in high-quality insoles for your football cleats. Insoles provide stability, support, relief, heel elevation, and shock absorption. They are a crucial protective measure for any football player.

1. Upstep | Football Custom Orthotics

Upstep Football Custom Orthotics

Upstep Football Custom Orthotics are designed by podiatrists using 56 materials to absorb stud pressure, stabilize the ankle, and prevent foot damage. These custom insoles consider your specific activities, boot type, and foot specifications. They provide optimal support without limiting your motion. Additionally, these sleek insoles fit comfortably in your boots and are not bulky. They are affordable, payable with your FSA or HSA card, and offer a 180-day money-back guarantee.

2. Superfeet | Adapt Run Max Insoles

Superfeet Adapt Run Max Insoles feature a deep heel cup, high arch profile, and well-cushioned footbed. The deep heel cup stabilizes the ankle, while the cushion disperses impact during movement. These insoles are suitable for running and walking. They offer comfort for up to 12 months or 500 miles, depending on which comes first. With their moisture-wicking feature, they also limit sweating in the shoe. Although not custom-made, these insoles are affordable and provide excellent support.

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3. SOLE | Thin Sport Insoles

SOLE Thin Sport Insoles are perfect for wide feet or for use in cleats and casual shoes. They utilize high-density EVA foam for foot arch support. The thin design allows for easy fitting into your shoes, while the top cover reduces friction and prevents moisture accumulation, controlling odor and slippage. These insoles are available in multiple sizes and are heat and wear moldable. However, they may be better suited for less intense activities than football.

4. Protalus | T-100 Elite Insoles

Protalus T-100 Elite Insoles provide arch support and neutral alignment to your feet. Their patented tri-plantar technology improves stability, and anti-slip ridges under the insole help maintain balance. These insoles come with a moisture-wicking and anti-friction top cloth, cushioning EVA foam, and contoured nylon for stability and support. Additional padding increases shock absorption. While not tailor-made, they come with a 90-day money-back guarantee and can be bought through interest-free installments.

5. TreadLabs | Dash Insoles

TreadLabs Dash Insoles aim to prevent injuries and enhance performance. These thin, ultra-firm, medical-grade soles improve efficiency and minimize impact when your feet hit the ground. With TreadLabs’s million-mile guarantee, you can replace your insoles if they crack or lose shape. They are payable through interest-free installments. However, since the arch height is predetermined, the fit may not be perfect for everyone, and the thin design may be more suitable for other athletic activities.


Q: Should all athletes wear insoles?
A: While athletes can benefit from wearing insoles, it depends on individual needs and foot conditions. Custom orthotics provide the best fit and support.

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Q: Want to see more custom orthotics?
A: Browse Upstep’s extensive range of custom orthotics for various sports, including football.


When it comes to preventing field injuries and ensuring optimal performance, investing in the right insoles for your football cleats is essential. Custom orthotics, like Upstep Football Custom Orthotics, offer the best fit and support, specifically designed for your foot shape and needs. However, brands like Superfeet, SOLE, Protalus, and TreadLabs also provide excellent options for football players. Prioritize your foot health and choose the insoles that suit your needs best. Happy playing!

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