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Who Was the Best No. 18 Player at Michigan State?

Number 18 Football Players

Ever see a number on a Michigan State football jersey and think of all the great players to wear it? In this article, we’ll determine the best ever No. 18 player to don the green and white. The criteria are simple: How did he perform at MSU? And what kind of impact did he have on the program?

No. 18 – Connor Cook

Quarterback, 2012-15, Hinckley, Ohio

Connor Cook gets the offense lined up before a play during MSU


  • 2012: 9-17 passing, 52.9% completion, 94 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
  • 2013: 223-380 passing, 58.7% completion, 2,755 yards, 22 TDs, 6 INTs
  • 2014: 212-365 passing, 58.1% completion, 3,214 yards, 24 TDs, 8 INTs
  • 2015: 229-408 passing, 56.1% completion, 3,131 yards, 24 TDs, 7 INTs
  • Total: 673-1,170 passing, 57.5% completion, 9,194 yards, 71 TDs, 22 INTs

Why Cook?

You’d be hard-pressed to find another Michigan State football player as decorated as Connor Cook. Let’s start with the moments.

As a first-year starter in 2013, Cook led the Spartans to a Big Ten championship and a Rose Bowl win over Stanford. Oh, and he beat Michigan. The next year, MSU beat Baylor in the Cotton Bowl. Then, in his final season, Cook won his second conference championship and led the Spartans to the College Football Playoff. He also picked up his third win over Michigan thanks to a botched punt snap and a game-winning rumble down the sideline by Jalen Watts-Jackson.

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The numbers, well, they speak for themselves. Cook is the program’s leader in pass attempts, passing yards, wins, starts, and touchdowns.

Cook was selected in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL draft by the Oakland Raiders.

Ohio natives Connor Cook, left, and Denicos Allen, far right, were instrumental in the Spartans


Q: Who else wore No. 18 at Michigan State?

  • Philip Bailey (G, 1917)
  • Aaron Bates (P, 2007-10)
  • Steve Contos (HB, 1945)
  • Jason Daily (P, 2002)
  • Felton Davis III (WR, current)
  • And more…

Q: How can I find more information about Michigan State football players?

A: You can visit the official Pesstatsdatabase website for comprehensive stats and information.


Connor Cook undoubtedly deserves the title of the best No. 18 player in Michigan State football history. With his impressive performances, multiple championships, and record-breaking numbers, Cook left an indelible mark on the Spartans’ program. He will always be remembered as a legend in East Lansing.