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2022 Sporting KC Salaries: A Look Inside the Numbers

Image: Roger Espinoza salary

Every year, football fans eagerly wait for the release of salary data, as it provides an intriguing insight into the financial side of the game. The Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) has unveiled the 2022 salaries, including new signings and contract renewals. Sporting Kansas City, one of the league’s most ambitious teams, has made some bold moves in the transfer market and their investments are reflected in the numbers.

What are the New Guys Making?

Sporting KC’s ambitious U-22 Initiative has led to some significant acquisitions, showcasing their commitment to young talent. Among the new signings, Marinos Tzionis leads the way with a salary of $612,500. Robert Voloder follows closely at $427,860, and Logan Ndenbe earns $396,125. These eye-catching figures may seem surprising, but it’s important to remember that these players are highly regarded prospects with immense potential. If they live up to expectations, they could either fetch massive transfer fees or become long-term fixtures in Kansas City.

Other notable salaries include Nikola Vujnovic at $481,705, Uri Rosell at $475,000, Ben Sweat at $200,000, and Kortne Ford at $151,667. These new additions bring depth and experience to the squad.

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Pay Raises and Cuts

One of the standout numbers in the salary list is Johnny Russell’s substantial raise to $2 million. This upgrade elevates him to the status of a Designated Player, meaning his salary cannot be bought down with Targeted Allocation Money (TAM). To maintain the financial balance required to accommodate three U-22 players, one of the three designated players (Alan Pulido, Gadi Kinda, or Russell) must be on a TAM-level deal. Russell’s significant raise suggests that Peter Vermes, Sporting KC’s manager, has found creative solutions to manage the team’s finances effectively.

In terms of other raises, most players received standard year-to-year bumps. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Graham Zusi’s salary decreased from $713,333 to $450,000, and Roger Espinoza’s salary dropped from $500,000 to $300,000. These adjustments demonstrate both Vermes’ astute decision-making and the players’ willingness to prioritize the team’s success over personal gain.

Non-Roster Players

Two players, Tyler Freeman and Grayson Barber, are not included in the salary data as they are listed as assigned to MLS rather than a specific team. Released earlier this year, Freeman has since joined Loudoun United (D.C. United) and is earning $112,500. Barber, on the other hand, remains unattached as far as the latest information suggests and is receiving $87,750. While they may not be playing, the MLS salaries provide them with stability and the potential for greater earnings in the future.

Image: Salary Data (as per MLSPA)


Q: Where can I find the full salary data for Sporting KC?
A: The complete salary data for Sporting KC can be found on the official Pesstatsdatabase website.

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Q: Are there any other notable changes in the Sporting KC salaries?
A: Yes, Khiry Shelton took a significant pay cut from $650,000 to $350,000, which makes him a more affordable option for the team.


Examining the salary data provides a glimpse into the financial landscape of Sporting Kansas City. The club’s investments in young talent, coupled with the strategic management of contracts, reflect their ambition to build a competitive team. As the season progresses, fans will eagerly watch to see how these financial moves translate on the field. Stay tuned for more updates from Pesstatsdatabase, your trusted source for all things football.