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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Seats at a Soccer Match

Attending a live soccer match is an exhilarating experience for any sports fan. The atmosphere is electric, and the passion of the supporters is contagious. But when it comes to choosing the best seats for a soccer game, there are several factors to consider. Price, location, amenities, and view all play a role in determining the perfect spot to enjoy the match. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the different seating options available at soccer stadiums, helping you make an informed decision on where to sit for your next soccer game.

Where is the Best Place to Sit for a Soccer Match?

The answer to this question ultimately depends on personal preference. Some fans prefer sitting near midfield for an optimal view of the entire pitch. Others enjoy the energy of the Supporters section, while some desire to be as close to the field as possible. Regardless of your preference, the best place to sit is the one that suits your needs. At Pesstatsdatabase, we have created a guide to help you determine your preference and find the best seats for your next soccer match.

Soccer Matches at Football Stadiums

Many soccer teams play their matches in dedicated soccer stadiums, while others use football stadiums. The size of the venue can significantly impact the seating options available. Soccer stadiums are generally smaller, with capacities ranging from 15,000 to 25,000 fans. Football stadiums, on the other hand, can host upwards of 40,000 fans. Keep in mind that not all seats may be used for soccer matches in a football stadium. Nevertheless, the views from both types of stadiums are usually similar due to the rectangular playing field.

Soccer match at Soldier Field
View from section 117 row 7 at Soldier Field for a soccer game

Best Seats for Being Closest to the Action: Field Level Seats

If experiencing the thrill of being close to the action is your priority, field level seats are your best bet. Some soccer venues offer seats directly on the field or in close proximity. Although these seats can be expensive, they provide a unique opportunity to hear the players’ conversations and witness the game from a vantage point that no other seats can offer. Field level seats often come with additional perks such as in-seat wait service or exclusive club access.

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The Field Level Seats at CenturyLink Field get you super close to the action

Best Seats for Amenities and Luxury: Clubs and Suites

For those seeking comfort and luxury, the Clubs or Suites sections are the ideal choice. These areas are usually covered or temperature-controlled, protecting fans from the elements. Clubs and Suites sections often provide access to spacious indoor lounges offering upscale food and beverage options. Additionally, amenities such as in-seat wait service, comfortable chairs, and even all-inclusive food and beverage packages may be available. These sections are typically located in the upper levels of the stadium, providing excellent views of the action, especially near midfield.

Putnam Club at Gillette Stadium
The Putnam Club at Gillette Stadium offers great views and a private club lounge

Best Seats for Midfield Views: Lower Level Midfield

For a comprehensive view of the game, lower level sections at midfield are hard to beat. These seats provide an excellent perspective as the action unfolds from one side of the field to the other. Sitting at midfield minimizes the need to constantly turn your head, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game without missing any crucial moments. While seats in the first few rows of the lower level midfield sections offer the best views, higher rows can provide a more affordable option without compromising the overall experience.

Section 127 at Audi Field offers the perfect midfield view

Best Seats for Lower Level Value: Lower Level Sideline and Corner Sections

Lower Level Sideline Sections

If lower level midfield seats are beyond your budget, fear not! Sideline sections still offer great views of the action. While they might not provide the same midfield perspective, they offer an exciting experience, especially if you are closer to one of the goals. As the action moves towards your side of the field, you’ll have a clear view of the plays unfolding. Sideline sections also provide excellent views of the soccer goals, making them perfect for the excitement of goals and penalty kicks.

View from Section 34 at Allianz Field
Minnesota United Fans celebrating a goal in sideline section 34 at Allianz Field

Lower Level Corner Sections

For the best value in the lower level, consider looking at the corner sections. These seats offer a unique angle of the field, combining views of the goal line and sideline. While you will be sitting behind the goal, you won’t be entirely obstructed, providing an interesting perspective and an excellent opportunity to watch corner kicks. The corner sections also tend to be near the Supporters section, where the most passionate fans gather, ensuring a lively atmosphere without necessarily being in the midst of it.

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Section 118 at Banc of California Stadium offers a unique perspective from the corner

Best Seats for the Die-Hard and Budget Conscious Fans: Supporters Sections and Goal Line Sections

Depending on your inclinations, sitting in the Supporters sections behind the goals might offer the most immersive experience. These general admission sections allow fans to stand and cheer for the duration of the game. The steep rows in the Supporters sections ensure unobstructed views, even for those seated farther back. The tickets in these sections are often more affordable compared to other areas of the stadium, making them a great option for budget-conscious fans seeking an authentic and high-energy atmosphere.

View from the Supporters Section at Allianz Field
Fans waving flags and cheering for the home club in the Supporters Section at Allianz Field

For a reserved seat option, the upper goal line sections offer the most budget-friendly choice. Although behind the goal, these seats provide decent sight lines due to their elevated position. Unlike their lower level counterparts, the upper goal line sections allow fans to see over the goal, ensuring an unobstructed view of the action throughout the game. So, if you don’t mind a slightly different perspective and are looking to save some money, consider sitting in the upper goal line sections.

Best Seats in the Upper Level: Upper Level Midfield Sections

Sitting in the upper level doesn’t mean compromising on the experience. Upper-level seats at midfield can offer great views without the price tag of lower-level tickets. Just like their lower-level counterparts, these seats provide an ideal vantage point to enjoy the game as it unfolds. So, if you prefer a midfield view but want to stay within your budget, consider looking for seats in the upper level at midfield.

View from Section 309 at CenturyLink Field
Despite being so high up, upper level section 309 at CenturyLink Field offers great midfield views

Best Seats for Value in the Upper Level: Upper Level Corner Sections

For the best value in the upper level, the corner sections are highly recommended. These seats provide an excellent overview of the entire field due to their added elevation. By sitting in the upper level corner sections, you’ll enjoy a unique perspective on the game, distinct from the traditional sideline and goal line views found throughout most soccer stadiums. Football stadiums repurposed for soccer matches are particularly good options for corner seats, as they provide a similar experience to watching a football game.

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Even though section 204 is an upper level corner section, the seats will still offer a great view of the field

Best Seats for Budget Conscious Fans in the Upper Level: Upper Level Goal Line Sections

For the most affordable tickets, look no further than the upper-level goal line sections. While general admission tickets in the Supporters section might be cheaper, they require standing for the entire match. If you prefer a reserved seat that won’t break the bank, upper-level seats behind the goals are your best option. Despite being behind the goal, the elevated position allows for unobstructed views of the action, unlike their lower-level counterparts where the goal may obstruct the view.

View from Section 224 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium
The view from section 224 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium offers sight lines that have a great overview of the field, with the soccer goal not obstructing the view


Choosing the best seats for a soccer match is a personal decision that depends on individual preferences and budget constraints. Whether you prioritize being close to the action, enjoying luxurious amenities, having a midfield view, or seeking an immersive experience in the Supporters section, there are seats available to suit every fan. Remember to consider factors such as price, location, and amenities when making your choice. Pesstatsdatabase hopes this comprehensive guide has provided you with valuable insights to help you choose the perfect seat for your next soccer match. Enjoy the game!


Q: Can you suggest the most affordable seats for a soccer match?
A: For budget-conscious fans, the upper-level goal line sections and the Supporters sections offer the most affordable options.

Q: Where can I find the best midfield views?
A: Lower-level midfield sections provide the best midfield views, while upper-level midfield sections offer a more affordable alternative.

Q: Are there any seat options for fans seeking luxury and comfort?
A: Yes, Clubs or Suites sections provide premium amenities, including covered seating areas, access to indoor lounges, and in-seat wait service.

Q: What seats provide the best overall value?
A: Lower-level sideline and corner sections offer great value, combining good views of the action with reasonable prices.

Q: Can you recommend seats that provide a unique perspective of the field?
A: Upper-level corner sections provide a different angle, offering an excellent overview of the field and a fresh perspective.

Q: Are there any seats that allow for an immersive and energetic experience?
A: Fans looking for an authentic and high-energy atmosphere should consider the Supporters sections, where standing and cheering are encouraged.

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