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Online Hate in Football: Harry Maguire Takes a Stand

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why is harry maguire hated

Harry Maguire, the Manchester United defender, recently spoke out about the online hate he and his teammates face on social media platforms. In an interview with Sky Sports, Maguire disclosed that he has learned to ignore online abuse through “age and experience,” and he actively supports and assists the younger players in dealing with this issue.

A Call for Change

Maguire’s comments come in the wake of incidents where players, including his teammate Paul Pogba, have been subjected to racial abuse online. Last season, Pogba faced racist comments after missing a penalty in a match against Wolves. Maguire, along with Marcus Rashford, who also experienced similar abuse, stood by Pogba, urging Twitter and Instagram to verify accounts using identification documents to prevent trolls from targeting individuals.

Maguire emphasized the need for social media companies to take action and identify accounts responsible for spreading hate. He believes that verifying accounts using official identification documents, such as passports or driving licenses, could be a simple yet effective solution.

Support for Teammates

As a senior player, Maguire takes it upon himself to support his younger teammates, such as Mason Greenwood and Brandon Williams, who may be more vulnerable to online abuse. He commended the club for having a strong support system in place and expressed his determination to look out for his fellow players.

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Personal Growth and Resilience

Maguire has personally experienced criticism on social media, particularly following legal issues he faced during the summer. Despite the challenges, Maguire has learned to ignore abusive comments and not let them affect him. He stated that with age and experience, he has become more resilient and better equipped to handle negativity.

Sky Sports’ Anti-Online Hate Campaign

Maguire has also thrown his support behind Sky Sports’ campaign, “Hate Won’t Stop Us,” which aims to raise awareness about online hate and abuse in the sports industry. He commended Sky Sports for taking the initiative to address this issue, acknowledging that online hate has reached a distressing level and has a profound impact on people’s lives.

Maguire called for immediate action from social media companies, emphasizing the urgent need to address this pervasive problem.


Q: What is Maguire’s stance on online hate?
A: Maguire believes that social media companies should verify accounts with identification documents and take responsibility for addressing hate and abuse on their platforms.

Q: How does Maguire support his teammates?
A: Maguire actively looks out for his younger teammates, offering counsel and assistance to help them navigate the challenges of online abuse.

Q: What is Sky Sports’ campaign about?
A: Sky Sports’ campaign, “Hate Won’t Stop Us,” aims to bring attention to the issue of online hate and abuse in sports and prompt action from social media companies.


Harry Maguire’s stance against online hate and his support for his teammates reflect the growing need for action against online abuse in the footballing world. The rise in reported incidents of discrimination and hate emphasizes the urgency for social media companies to take responsibility and create a safer online environment. Maguire’s experiences and resilience serve as an inspiration for others facing similar challenges, highlighting the importance of support and solidarity within the football community.

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Online Hate in Football: Harry Maguire Takes a Stand