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Richard Smith’s Absurd Encounters with Famous People

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Have you ever had a surreal encounter with a celebrity? Well, Richard Smith, a renowned football expert, shares his own absurd tales in this exclusive article. From meeting political figures to encountering the most famous sisters in Britain, Smith’s experiences are nothing short of fascinating. Let’s dive into his anecdote about his encounter with Diana Mosley, the most beautiful of the Mitford sisters.

The Mitford Sisters: A Tale of Talent and Scandal

The Mitford sisters were a fascinating bunch, known for their talent and scandalous lives. Nancy, Pamela, Diana, Unity, Jessica, and Deborah – their names resonate with elegance and intrigue. Nancy, a brilliant novelist and prolific letter writer; Pamela, who vanished into the lap of luxury; Diana, the one who married Britain’s fascist leader and had a close encounter with Hitler himself; Unity, who fell deeply in love with Hitler before tragically ending her own life; Jessica, an outspoken communist and writer; and Deborah, who became the Duchess of Devonshire and breathed new life into Chatsworth House.

A Chance Meeting on BBC Breakfast Television

In the 80s, when Richard Smith was working as a doctor on BBC Breakfast Television, he had the pleasure of meeting Diana Mosley, the enchanting Diana of the Mitford sisters. She was a guest on the show, and despite the challenges faced by the presenters when guests didn’t have much to say, Diana’s intriguing life made her an exception.

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The Fascination with Hitler

As their conversation unfolded, the presenters couldn’t help but inquire about Diana’s experience with Hitler. After all, he was the embodiment of pure evil, and the world was captivated by his enigmatic persona. Smith recalls the questions fired at her:

“What was he like?”

“Charming, utterly charming.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, like all continental men, he would kiss your hand when he met you. Englishmen never do that.”

Rising to the Challenge

Seated on the same sofa, ready to share his medical expertise, Smith saw an opportunity to challenge the stereotype about Englishmen. He decided to rise to the occasion. As the show ended, he graciously walked over to Diana, kissed her hand, and said, “So lovely to have met you.”

The Handshake that Echoed History

Only later did Smith realize the historical significance of that particular hand. The same hand that Hitler had once kissed was now touched by him. He humorously reflects on the incident, sometimes embellishing it by jokingly saying he rushed to wash out his mouth with soap, even though he didn’t.

Diana Mosley may have passed away in 2003, but her legacy lives on. Her son, Max, gained notoriety by openly discussing sadomasochism as a normal aspect of English sexual practices.


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Richard Smith’s encounter with Diana Mosley is just one of the many absurd meetings he has had with celebrities throughout his career. From political figures to iconic football players, his experiences paint a picture of a football expert who has witnessed it all. Stay tuned for more intriguing stories and insights from Smith, your trusted football critic and analyst.