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The Difference Between SG and FG Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats are an essential piece of equipment for any player, and choosing the right ones can make a significant difference in performance and safety on the field. One crucial factor to consider when buying soccer cleats is the type of outsole, specifically whether it is suitable for soft ground (SG) or firm ground (FG) surfaces. In this article, we will explore the key differences between SG and FG soccer cleats to help you make an informed decision for your next purchase.

Firm Ground vs Soft Ground Cleats

SG vs FG: Understanding the Difference

SG and FG soccer cleats are designed for different playing surfaces. SG cleats feature screwed-in removable metal studs, making them ideal for cushioned, wet natural grass fields. On the other hand, FG cleats are meant to be used on natural grass pitches with a harder, rougher, dryer, and less treated surface.

While this is the primary difference, there are several other factors to consider. In most cases, an FG outsole will work well for both surfaces, making the purchase of SG cleats unnecessary. SG cleats are often used by professional players on flawless soccer pitches, but amateur players may also benefit from them in certain situations.

When to Use Each Pair

FG Soccer Cleats

Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

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FG soccer cleats are designed for use on firm ground surfaces, such as natural grass fields with a hard base and dry conditions. These are the most common surfaces for amateur players. FG cleats feature plastic studs that penetrate the firm ground surface ideally. They offer excellent versatility, as they can also be used on soft ground and, in some cases, on artificial grass.

However, it’s important to exercise caution when using FG cleats on artificial grass, as this surface is different from natural grass, and not all FG cleats are suitable for it. If you frequently play on artificial grass or turf, make sure to select the correct boots for those surfaces.

SG Soccer Cleats

Soft Ground Soccer Cleats

SG soccer cleats are designed specifically for soft ground surfaces, such as well-cared natural grass pitches with a cushioned, wet base. The combination of plastic and screwed-in metal studs in SG cleats provides aggressive traction and grip needed for these conditions. It’s important to note that SG cleats should only be used on soft ground surfaces and should never be used on artificial grass.

Amateur players usually don’t require SG cleats unless they are playing on excessively watered muddy fields or professional-level surfaces. If you decide to purchase SG cleats, consider choosing a pair with Nike’s “Anti-clog” technology, which repels mud and prevents it from sticking to the soleplate.

Playing on Both Surfaces

If you frequently play on both firm ground and soft ground surfaces but don’t want to invest in two different pairs of cleats, FG soccer cleats are your best bet. Many players, including myself, have used FG cleats on both surfaces without any issues. They offer excellent performance and versatility, allowing you to get the most out of your investment.

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Can you use firm ground boots on turf or Astroturf?

No, it is not recommended to use FG cleats on turf or Astroturf. The long studs on FG cleats are designed to penetrate natural grass, and using them on synthetic surfaces can result in considerable stud pressure, leading to potential injuries.

Can you use turf soccer shoes indoors?

Using turf soccer shoes indoors is not ideal due to durability issues. The friction on an indoor soccer court is much higher than on turf. Regular use of turf shoes indoors can cause the turf outsole to wear off quickly, rendering them ineffective on turf surfaces. Additionally, turf shoes may feel uncomfortable and unbalanced on indoor courts.


Choosing the right type of soccer cleats is crucial for optimal performance and safety on the field. SG and FG cleats are designed for different playing surfaces, with SG cleats suitable for soft ground and FG cleats ideal for firm ground. However, in most cases, FG cleats will suffice for both surfaces, providing versatility and performance. Remember to consider your playing conditions and needs when selecting your next pair of soccer cleats.

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