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Still Dominating: The Unstoppable Blue Devils

blue and red soccer team

For Columbia High School’s boys and girls varsity soccer teams, success seems to be a constant companion. After winning the Section-II, Class A Championship in 2022, both teams have started the 2023 regular season with an unbeaten record. This dominance showcases their determination to go even further and build on their previous achievements.

The Boys’ Hunger for Victory

The Blue Devil boys’ team is fueled by a hunger for success. Although they suffered a defeat in the New York State Class A regionals last year, their performance this season has been exceptional, with a record of 10-0-3. The players exude confidence, believing that they are the team to beat.

Their chemistry and teamwork have significantly improved, leading to victories against strong opponents like Shenendehowa, Averill Park, and Niskayuna. Head coach Bryan Lussier acknowledges that while the team has faced formidable challenges, they remain focused on the ultimate goal.

Solid Defense and Underrated Heroes

The boys’ team has excelled not only in scoring goals but also in their defensive prowess. With just eight goals conceded so far this season, the defense, led by two senior center-backs and an outstanding goalkeeper, has been solid. These unsung heroes ensure that the team remains on the right track.

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The Blue Devils’ success is not dependent on a few standout players. The whole team contributes to their victories, with multiple goal-scorers and effective teamwork throughout the roster. This balanced approach has been crucial to their achievements.

The Girls’ Unbeatable Combination

The Blue Devil girls’ team entered the 2023 season with high expectations. With nine starters returning from their sectional title-winning team in 2022, an unbeaten start was not surprising but rather a testament to their talent and experience. Their solid defense, with an impressive record of shutouts, has been a key factor in their success.

In addition to their on-field chemistry, the girls’ team attributes their strength to their close-knit relationships off the field. This camaraderie, combined with skill and personality, has created a winning formula. The girls acknowledge that their success this season is part of a larger goal to go further and make history for Columbia girls’ soccer.

Winning Together: A Unified Soccer Community

The unity between the boys’ and girls’ teams is a testament to the supportive soccer community at Columbia High School. Despite playing on the same nights, the teams find ways to support each other, reinforcing the sense of school pride. Last year, they even engaged in a friendly penalty-kick battle. The mutual support between the teams and their coaches creates a positive environment for everyone involved.

The success of both teams has brought the soccer program at Columbia to new heights. The championship banners hanging side by side in the gym represent the hard work and dedication of these talented athletes. The connection between the players goes beyond the high school level, as many of them have been cheering each other on since their youth soccer days.

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  • Q: How have the Blue Devils performed in previous seasons?

    A: Both the boys’ and girls’ teams have achieved remarkable success in recent years, with sectional championships and strong performances in the state tournament. Their consistent dominance has solidified their status as powerhouses in high school soccer.

  • Q: How do the teams maintain their success year after year?

    A: Strong team chemistry, dedicated coaching staff, and a supportive soccer community contribute to their continued success. The players’ determination to improve and build on their achievements drives them to push boundaries and reach new heights.


The Columbia Blue Devils continue to dominate the high school soccer scene, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to excellence. Both the boys’ and girls’ teams showcase exceptional skills, a strong work ethic, and remarkable teamwork. With their unbeaten records and a hunger for victory, they are primed for even greater achievements in the upcoming postseason. Follow their journey on Pesstatsdatabase and witness the continued legacy of the Blue Devils.