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The Best Cleats for Artificial Turf: Maximizing Your Performance

Football enthusiasts around the world are embracing the use of artificial grass for sports fields. The low cost of maintenance and cleaning, coupled with its durability, make it a popular choice for fields that experience heavy wear and tear. However, when it comes to wearing cleats on artificial turf, there are some things to consider.

The Challenge of Cleats on Artificial Turf

can you use cleats on turf

Artificial turf fields are generally suitable for traditional hard surface cleats. The surface won’t be immediately damaged by the use of cleats, saving you from costly repairs. However, the problem lies in gameplay. Without natural soil, cleats may not provide the desired grip, potentially leading to injury.

Finding the Right Cleats

Luckily, there are cleats specifically designed for artificial turf that can provide the traction you need. Artificial surface cleats, also known as turf shoes, feature small, round studs on the sole that are explicitly designed for use on artificial turf.

These specialized cleats hold onto the dense surface of turfgrass without penetrating it. They offer similar traction to standard cleats on natural grass, minimizing slips and improving grip during practices and games. Additionally, turf cleats help preserve the condition of the field for a longer period.

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Top Brands and Considerations

When shopping for artificial surface cleats, you’ll find a wide range of options from top shoe manufacturers like New Balance, Nike, and Adidas. These brands cater to both men and women, offering turf cleats designed for specific sports. Factors to consider when making your purchase include fit, quality, and price.


Can you wear cleats on artificial turf?

Yes, you can wear cleats on artificial turf. However, traditional hard surface cleats may not provide optimal performance and can increase the risk of injury. It is recommended to use artificial surface cleats designed explicitly for artificial turf.

Where can I find turf shoes?

Turf shoes or artificial surface cleats are widely available at sports gear stores. You can find them from top brands like New Balance, Nike, and Adidas. Consider factors such as fit, quality, and price when purchasing.

How do turf cleats differ from traditional cleats?

Turf cleats are designed to hold onto the dense surface of turfgrass without penetrating it, providing similar traction to standard cleats on natural grass. Traditional cleats, on the other hand, are designed to penetrate the ground for better grip on natural soil.


Maximize your performance on artificial turf by choosing the right cleats. Artificial surface cleats or turf shoes are specifically designed to provide the traction needed on artificial turf without damaging the surface. By opting for turf cleats, you not only improve your grip and reduce the risk of injury, but you also contribute to the longevity of the field. Explore the options from top brands, consider the fit, quality, and price, and get ready to dominate the game on artificial turf.

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