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LaLiga’s Highest-Paid Players: Who Makes the Big Bucks?

la liga highest paid players

You’ll be amazed to discover the exorbitant salaries that top-tier footballers in the Spanish LaLiga earn. As one of the most formidable leagues worldwide, it’s no surprise that a significant majority of the highest earners hail from football powerhouses Real Madrid and Barcelona, with some recognition for Atlético Madrid as well.

Now, let’s delve into the ranks of the biggest money-makers and uncover the top 10 players, thanks to the figures provided by capology. Gone are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi from the top spots, so let’s embrace the thrilling tradition of counting down from 10 to 1.

Top 10 Highest Earners in LaLiga Santander

10. Jordi Alba, Antoine Griezmann, Jan Oblak

According to our records, this trio makes just over $400,000 per week. Interestingly, Griezmann has a clause in his contract that rewards him handsomely based on minutes played. Atlético Madrid saves on expenses by introducing him into the game after the one-hour mark.

7. Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos has consistently delivered Rolls Royce performances for Real Madrid, contributing significantly to their numerous successes. Three years ago, the club extended Kroos’ contract at a staggering $422,000 per week, proving to be a fantastic deal for both parties.

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6. David Alaba

Joining Real Madrid as a versatile defender on a free transfer from Bayern Munich, David Alaba negotiated a favorable deal with his agent, earning him $433,000 per week. This places him as the club’s third-highest earner.

5. Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema’s vital contributions to Real Madrid have silenced any doubts regarding his ability to fill Cristiano Ronaldo’s void. Earning nearly $462,000 per week, Benzema’s goals have proven invaluable to Los Blancos.

4. Eden Hazard

Although Eden Hazard’s time at Real Madrid hasn’t lived up to expectations, the Belgian winger is enjoying a lucrative weekly income of just over $600,000. With two more seasons secured, Hazard’s bank account remains prosperous.

3. Sergio Busquets

Despite being 34 years old, Barcelona captain Sergio Busquets secured a beneficial contract that lasts until 2023—earning approximately $712,000 per week. Perhaps it serves as a token of gratitude for his remarkable contributions during the club’s glory years.

2. Frenkie de Jong

In the summer, Frenkie de Jong seemed destined for a Camp Nou exit, with Manchester United eagerly awaiting his arrival. However, with a weekly salary of $720,000, the Dutch midfielder chose to stay in the sunny Catalan climate and continue under Xavi’s new project.

1. Gerard Piqué

Sitting atop the list of the highest earners is Barcelona’s defensive stalwart, Gerard Piqué. Former club president Josep Bartomeu, before his controversial departure, ensured that Piqué, along with other captains, received a well-deserved reward for his services—a weekly wage totaling $1 million.

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Now that you’re aware of these mind-boggling salary figures, you might be tempted to grab your child and head for the nearest park. And if you thought these numbers were staggering, wait until you read about the world’s top-earning footballers.


Q: How much do the players in LaLiga earn?
A: The top earners in LaLiga can make millions of dollars per year, with the highest-paid players earning wages in the range of $400,000 to $1 million per week.

Q: Which clubs have the highest-paid players in LaLiga?
A: Real Madrid and Barcelona are the clubs with the highest-paid players in LaLiga, followed closely by Atlético Madrid.

Q: Who is the highest-paid player in LaLiga?
A: Gerard Piqué of Barcelona currently holds the title of the highest-paid player in LaLiga, earning a weekly wage of $1 million.


In LaLiga, the salaries earned by its top players go well beyond what most of us can even fathom. The combination of outstanding skill, global recognition, and the prestige of playing for clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona brings these lucrative rewards. As fans, we can only marvel at the astounding figures these footballers command and continue to support our favorite teams with unwavering enthusiasm.

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