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The Best Football Jerseys of the 22/23 Season

Football jerseys are not just pieces of clothing; they are statements of style and identity. Every season, we see a wide range of jerseys that push the boundaries of design and captivate fans around the world. The 22/23 season has been no exception, with teams delivering kits that will undoubtedly go down as cult favorites in the future. Here, we present our selection of the top 20 jerseys of the season.

20. Lazio Away (Mizuno)

Lazio Away

Mizuno, known for their expertise in producing high-quality boots, proves that they can create equally impressive jerseys. Lazio’s away kit, with its retro-inspired design and the perfect blend of old and new, is a true standout.

19. South Korea Away (Nike)

South Korea Away

South Korea’s away strip is a hidden gem that deserved more attention. Featuring splashes of vibrant colors on an inky grey background, the kit pays homage to the bright lights of Seoul and captures the nation’s pride.

18. Japan Third (Adidas x Nigo)

Japan Third

Japanese streetwear legend Nigo collaborated with Adidas to design a special edition shirt for the national team, and the result is nothing short of stunning. Combining cherry blossom pink and matcha green, the kit is a delicious tribute to Japanese culture.

17. Burnley Home (Umbro)

Burnley Home

With its classic claret and blue colors, a ’90s-inspired print, and a nod to classic kits with a sponsor placement, Burnley’s home kit ticks all the right boxes. We can’t wait to see it on the Premier League stage.

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16. Ajax Away (Adidas)

Ajax Away

When it comes to Amsterdam’s biggest club, Adidas rarely misses the mark. The Ajax away kit, with its stunning color scheme and the St. Andrews cross collar inspired by the city’s coat of arms, is a testament to the club’s style and heritage.

15. Venezia FC Away (Kappa)

Venezia FC Away

Venezia FC may be facing a tough season on the pitch, but they continue to be the world’s most fashionable football club. Their away kit, designed by Kappa, showcases the perfect blend of style and performance.

14. Arsenal Home (Adidas)

Arsenal Home

While Arsenal’s home kit is undoubtedly nice, it’s the black-and-bronze number that has captured the fans’ hearts. This alternate kit has become an icon and a must-have for supporters.

13. West Ham Home (Umbro)

West Ham Home

Umbro has a history of producing classy shirts for West Ham, and this season is no different. The home kit, with its inspired shoulder pattern reminiscent of the Burkta-produced kits of ’93, is a true winner.

12. Reading Home (Macron)

Reading Home

Reading and Macron have made a bold statement with their home kit this year. By decorating the sleeves with a chart displaying the effects of climate change, they have created a visually striking and thought-provoking design.

11. Jamaica Home (Adidas x Wales Bonner)

Jamaica Home

Adidas collaborated with designer Grace Wales Bonner to create Jamaica’s home kit, and the result is a retro-inspired design that pays tribute to the ’70s and ’80s. This late entry has quickly become one of the year’s best shirts.

10. VFB Stuttgart Away (Jako)

VFB Stuttgart Away

VFB Stuttgart’s away kit is a perfect example of a retro reboot done right. With attention to detail down to the stripe details on the collar, this kit is a nostalgic delight.

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9. England Away (Nike)

England Away

Nike took a risk with the electric blue kit for England’s away collection last year, but it paid off. The early ’90s-style design, paired with the bold color, made it one of the standout kits of the tournament.

8. Roma Home (New Balance)

Roma Home

New Balance may be ending their partnership with Roma, but they leave on a high note with this season’s home kit. I Giallorossi’s signature design, with its clean lines and classic look, is a testament to New Balance’s continued excellence in shirt design.

7. Corinthians Third (Nike)

Corinthians Third

Corinthians’ third kit, paying homage to their FIFA Club World Cup triumph, stands out with its white, gold, and black color scheme. The kit, adorned with Kanji symbols representing the host nation, is a true gem.

6. Argentina Home (Adidas)

Argentina Home

Argentina’s home kit may have gone unnoticed without the team’s success in Qatar. However, the classic design and iconic blue and white stripes make this shirt a future museum piece.

5. Southampton Away (Hummel)

Southampton Away

Hummel surprised many with Southampton’s away kit, which celebrates the city’s seafaring heritage. The bold wave pattern, inspired by the south coast seas, adds a unique touch to this stylish design.

4. Manchester United Home (Adidas)

Manchester United Home

Adidas embraced the ’90s throwback trend with Manchester United’s home kit. The loud collar and shield design on the chest evoke memories of the club’s glory days, making this kit a fan favorite.

3. Italy Home (Adidas)

Italy Home

Italy’s switch from Puma to Adidas brought a fresh start on and off the pitch. The marble-printed design in classic Azzurri blue is a perfect representation of the country’s style and passion for the game.

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2. Red Star Paris Home (Kappa x Lack of Guidance)

Red Star Paris Home

Amsterdam-based creative house Lack of Guidance joined forces with Kappa to create Red Star Paris’ home kit. Clean colors, distinctive branding, and a touch of fashion-forward design make this kit a future classic.

1. Mexico Away (Adidas)

Mexico Away

Mexico’s away kit, with its unique sewn-effect pattern inspired by Mixtec and Aztec artwork, takes the top spot as the kit of the year. An instant classic, this jersey has consistently sold out since its release.


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A: For a wide selection of football jerseys, visit Pesstatsdatabase, the go-to source for all football enthusiasts.

Q: Are these jerseys available for purchase?
A: Most of these jerseys are available for purchase through official club stores or trusted retailers. Check the respective team’s official website or authorized retailers for availability.

Q: Are there any limited-edition jerseys in this selection?
A: Yes, some of the jerseys in this selection are limited editions, designed by renowned fashion houses or in collaboration with artists. Keep an eye out for special releases and act quickly to secure these unique pieces.


Football jerseys have become more than just athletic wear; they are symbols of passion, style, and heritage. The best jerseys of the 22/23 season combine artistry, innovation, and history to create iconic designs that will be remembered for years to come. Whether you’re a fan of classic looks or embrace bold and modern designs, there is a jersey for every football enthusiast. Celebrate your love for the game and showcase your team’s colors with pride.