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Nashville SC Salaries: Revealing the Value of Players

nashville sc salaries

Soccer enthusiasts and fans of Nashville SC are not only passionate about the team’s performance on the field but also hold a keen interest in the financial side of the game. Player salaries, in particular, provide insights into the value attributed to different positions and players within the team. Let’s delve into Nashville SC salaries to understand how these earnings are structured and their influencing factors.

A Glimpse into Nashville SC Salaries

Nashville SC’s senior roster showcases a diverse group of players, each contributing unique skills to the team’s success. The salary structure, often shrouded in secrecy, offers a transparent glimpse into the perceived value of these players. Let’s start by exploring some of the standout figures from the roster:

Hany Mukhtar $2,900,000 $3,188,750 M 28 DE
Walker Zimmerman $1,800,000 $2,056,979 D 30 US
Randall Leal $1,000,000 $1,115,000 M 26 CR
Sean Davis $825,000 $939,000 M 30 US
Anibal Godoy $750,000 $821,250 M 33 PA
Shaq Moore $725,000 $806,500 D 26 US
Fafa Picault $650,000 $650,000 F 32 US
Daniel Lovitz $551,250 $551,250 M 31 US
Alex Muyl $500,000 $500,000 F 27 US
Teal Bunbury $425,000 $469,167 F 33 CA
Joe Willis $375,000 $391,250 GK 34 US
Dax McCarty $275,000 $302,500 M 36 US
Tah Brian Anunga $250,000 $270,000 M 26 CM
Nick DePuy $252,000 $252,000 F 28 US
Lukas MacNaughton $85,444 $87,544 D 28 CA
Taylor Washington $98,688 $112,269 M 29 US
Elliot Panicco $89,716 $89,716 GK 26 US
Luke Haakenson $88,200 $88,200 M 25 US
Laurence Wyke $85,444 $87,777 M 26 UK
Ben Martino $67,360 $87,610 GK 20 US
Ethan Zubak $195,000 $209,000 F 25 US
Jacob Shaffelburg $150,000 $195,000 F 23 CA
Josh Bauer $89,716 $89,716 D 25 US
Nebiyou Perry $67,360 $74,860 F 23 US
Joey Skinner $67,360 $72,360 D 20 US
Kemy Amiche $67,360 M 22 FR
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Top Earning Players

Hany Mukhtar
At the forefront of the payroll, we find players who command attention both on and off the pitch. Hany Mukhtar, a 28-year-old midfielder, leads the pack with a base salary of $2.9 million and a guaranteed salary of $3.19 million. This makes him a vital on-field asset and a significant financial investment for the club. Following closely is Walker Zimmerman, a 30-year-old defender, with a base salary of $1.8 million and a guaranteed salary of $2.06 million. These high salaries underscore their pivotal roles in the team’s strategy and performance.

Position-Based Variations

Randall Leal
The roster’s salary distribution is a fascinating testament to the team’s strategic approach to player compensation. Midfielders like Randall Leal and Sean Davis, both 26 years old, earn substantial salaries of $1 million and $825,000, respectively. The midfield is often considered the engine of a soccer team, and these salaries reflect the importance of their contributions to Nashville SC’s gameplay.

Experienced Influence

Dax McCarty
Despite their age, veteran players continue to command respectable salaries due to their experience and leadership qualities. Dax McCarty, at 36, earns a base salary of $275,000 with a guaranteed salary of $302,500. Such players offer invaluable experience and mentorship to the younger talents, contributing both on the field and in the locker room.

In conclusion, Nashville SC salaries provide a window into the intricate web of player valuation, financial management, and team dynamics. As fans cheer for their favorite players on the field, these numbers remind us that professional soccer is not only a sport but a thriving industry where talents are meticulously assessed and rewarded. It’s a world where dollars and passion intersect, shaping the journey of both players and teams.

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  • Q: Where can I find more information about Nashville SC salaries?
    A: You can find more information about Nashville SC salaries on the official website of Pesstatsdatabase.

  • Q: Who is the highest-paid player in Nashville SC?
    A: Hany Mukhtar is the highest-paid player in Nashville SC with a base salary of $2.9 million and a guaranteed salary of $3.19 million.

  • Q: How are player salaries determined in Nashville SC?
    A: Player salaries in Nashville SC are determined based on various factors such as performance, position, experience, and market value.


Nashville SC salaries provide a fascinating insight into the financial structure of the team and the value placed on different players. These salaries reflect the importance of each individual’s contributions to the team’s success and highlight the strategic approach to player compensation. As fans, we can appreciate the careful evaluation and rewarding of talents in professional soccer.