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Copa del Rey: Unveiling the Most Successful Winners

copa del rey winners

The Copa del Rey, Spain’s premier domestic cup competition, has witnessed sixteen teams emerge as champions since its inception in 1903. From the first edition, won by Athletic Bilbao, to the current La Liga leaders, the tournament has provided thrilling moments and historic triumphs. Let’s explore the teams that have excelled in the Copa del Rey and the coveted titles they have secured.

Copa del Rey all-time winners: Which team has won the most?

At the top of the Copa del Rey standings sits Barcelona, with an impressive 31 victories. This tally includes their first success in 1910 and a remarkable run of four consecutive wins between 2015 and 2018. Athletic Bilbao follows closely behind with 23 titles, while Real Madrid, with 20 triumphs, occupies the third spot. Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti recently emphasized the importance of the competition, expressing his desire to replicate their success from the previous year.

Barcelona’s dominance makes it challenging for any team to catch up. Athletic Bilbao is their closest contender, but it will take at least eight seasons for Bilbao to level the playing field. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid is the only team in double figures besides Barcelona, although they remain ten titles behind their city rivals.

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Copa del Rey: Teams with the Most Trophy Wins

Below is a comprehensive list of teams that have excelled in the Copa del Rey over the years:

Club Wins Years
Barcelona 31 1910-2021
Athletic Bilbao 23 1903-2023
Real Madrid 20 1905-2022
Atletico Madrid 10 1959-2013
Valencia 8 1941-2019
Zaragoza 6 1963-2003
Sevilla 5 1935-2010
Espanyol 4 1929-2006
Real Betis 3 1977, 2005, 2022
Real Union 3 1918, 1924, 1927
Real Sociedad 2 1987, 2020
Deportivo La Coruna 2 1995, 2002
Arenas 1 1919
Mallorca 1 2003
Club Ciclista de San Sebastian 1 1909
Racing Club de Irun 1 1913

The Copa del Rey has witnessed fierce competition among these illustrious clubs, with each team etching their name in the prestigious tournament’s record book.

How to Watch the 2023/24 Copa del Rey

If you’re an avid football enthusiast eager to catch the action of the 2023/24 Copa del Rey, here’s how you can watch the tournament:

  • United States: The Copa del Rey will be broadcast on ESPN+.
  • India: FanCode has the broadcasting rights for the tournament.
  • Other Countries: Stay tuned for announcements regarding broadcasting agreements in your region.

As the Copa del Rey unfolds, football fans around the globe can look forward to witnessing the grit, skill, and determination of these top Spanish clubs as they vie for the coveted trophy.


Q: Which team has won the most Copa del Rey titles?
A: Barcelona leads the pack with an impressive 31 victories in the Copa del Rey.

Q: How can I watch the 2023/24 Copa del Rey?
A: In the United States, you can catch the action on ESPN+. Indian viewers can tune in to FanCode for the live broadcast.

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The Copa del Rey has a rich history that spans over a century, and it continues to captivate football enthusiasts with its drama and excitement. Barcelona’s reign atop the all-time winners’ list is a testament to their dominance, but other clubs have left their mark with memorable triumphs. As the 2023/24 tournament commences, it’s an opportune time to celebrate the glorious legacy of the Copa del Rey and the teams that have illuminated its history.

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