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Report: Nashville SC Trades Dave Romney to New England Revolution

dave romney salary

Romney celebrating with Walker Zimmerman. Mike Meredith/Club and Country

Nashville SC has made a significant trade, sending veteran center-back Dave Romney to the New England Revolution. This move comes as a surprise to many, considering the consistent support and recognition Romney has received as an underrated player. Seth Macomber of The Bent Musket first reported the trade, with further details provided by insiders.

A Solid Financial Deal

Financially, Nashville SC gains $525k in General Allocation Money for the 29-year-old center-back. This is a solid return for a player who has never been selected for the league’s best XI. While some of this can be attributed to the inflation of General Allocation Money in recent years, it still represents a good deal. In comparison, Atlanta’s George Campbell, who is just 21 years old, earned them $600k from Montreal. Moreover, Tim Parker, who is only six months older than Romney and has had a more illustrious MLS career, secured $500k when he moved to his hometown of St. Louis. It’s important to note that expansion teams usually face a slight penalty in the trade market. Additionally, this trade brings a $475k budget relief for Nashville SC. Though not a hefty sum for a veteran domestic center-back, it remains well below the Targeted Allocation Money cutoff.

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On the Field Implications

Dave Romney was underrated during his time with the LA Galaxy and perhaps underappreciated during his tenure at Nashville SC. From a business perspective, this trade makes perfect sense. However, on the field, it may have negative consequences. Nevertheless, it likely marks the end of Nashville’s back-five formation, which may be a positive development. From a personal standpoint, fans will miss Romney’s humorous, honest, and intellectually curious nature during interviews.

From a player perspective, Nashville will lose an ironman who featured in every regular-season game until the final match of their second season. The quality of the defenses he played in speaks for itself. Although ASA’s Goals Added metric didn’t favor him, it should be noted that his role primarily involved minimal interruption alongside Walker Zimmerman.

Despite his contributions, Romney’s advanced stats declined this year. This was particularly evident in his passing, where he displayed more conservatism compared to previous seasons. This change can be attributed, at least partially, to Nashville’s shift to a back-three formation, which required shorter passes and reduced distances. His ASA xPass accuracy dropped to 81.2%, and he also had the lowest overachievement of this metric in the last two years. Unfortunately, the reality of aging meant that he could not maintain the ironman status he achieved at the start of his Nashville SC career.

It is interesting to note that the LA Galaxy’s front office did not utilize Romney effectively in his final years with the club. However, he will now reunite with the coach who initially introduced him to the league, Bruce Arena. Considering that the Revolution’s style is similar to Nashville’s, this trade is expected to be a good fit for him.

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Q: What is the significance of the trade between Nashville SC and the New England Revolution?

A: The trade involves veteran center-back Dave Romney moving from Nashville SC to the New England Revolution. This is a significant move that has surprised many, given Romney’s consistent performance and recognition as an underrated player.

Q: What financial benefits does Nashville SC gain from this trade?

A: Nashville SC will benefit from $525k in General Allocation Money as a result of this trade. This represents a solid return for a player who has yet to be included in the league’s best XI. Additionally, this trade will provide a $475k budget relief for the club.


The trade between Nashville SC and the New England Revolution involving Dave Romney is an intriguing move that will have both financial and on-field implications. While Nashville SC stands to gain financially, the team will face the challenge of filling the void left by Romney’s departure. However, with the reunion of Romney and coach Bruce Arena, it is expected that the New England Revolution will be a suitable fit for the veteran center-back. Only time will tell how this trade will ultimately impact both clubs. For more information on Nashville SC and other football-related content, visit Pesstatsdatabase.