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Do Soccer Shorts Have Pockets?

Pockets are a common feature in shorts, but what about soccer shorts? Do they have pockets? In this article, we will explore whether soccer shorts come with pockets and the reasons behind their design.

do soccer shorts have pockets

Why Are Soccer Shorts Pocketless?

Typically, soccer shorts do not have pockets, and this is not by accident. Manufacturers intentionally design soccer shorts without pockets for a few reasons. Firstly, pockets can add unnecessary weight and be seen as a distraction for players. Additionally, pockets on soccer shorts can pose a risk of injury, as fingers could get trapped in them during gameplay.

can soccer shorts have pockets

Soccer Shorts That Come with Zippered Pockets

Recognizing the need for storage options, some manufacturers are now designing soccer shorts with zippered pockets. These zippered side pockets allow players to safely store essential items like phones and keys. While this is a convenient solution, there is a drawback. The pockets can be shallow and may easily open when sitting down, leading to potential loss of belongings.

To address this issue, some brands have introduced deeper pockets with horizontal openings. This design ensures that items remain secure even when seated, eliminating the risk of losing essentials. The functional and secure pockets make these soccer shorts suitable for various situations.

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Other Storage Options for Soccer Shorts

Apart from zippered pockets, manufacturers have incorporated different storage options in soccer shorts. Hidden pockets are discreetly placed in the waistband or other areas of the shorts, providing accessible storage without being obtrusive during gameplay. Elastic waistbands also serve as storage options for smaller items like cash, IDs, and keys.

Mesh benders are another type of pocket found in soccer shorts. These pockets are constructed from mesh or synthetic material and are concealed within the shorts. While they may not accommodate larger items like phones or wallets, they offer flexibility and stretchiness, making them useful for storing smaller essentials during training or gameplay.


Q: Why don’t soccer shorts have pockets?

A: Soccer shorts are designed without pockets to prevent added weight, distractions, and the risk of injuries caused by trapping fingers.

Q: Can soccer shorts have zippered pockets?

A: Yes, some soccer shorts now come with zippered side pockets, providing secure storage for essential items.

Q: What are some other storage options in soccer shorts?

A: Apart from zippered pockets, soccer shorts may feature hidden pockets in the waistband or mesh benders for smaller item storage.


In conclusion, most soccer shorts do not come with pockets. This intentional design choice aims to keep the shorts lightweight and free from distractions. However, to cater to the storage needs of players, manufacturers have introduced soccer shorts with zippered pockets, hidden pockets, elastic waistbands, and mesh benders. These storage options provide functionality without compromising gameplay. Learn more about soccer statistics and player analysis at Pesstatsdatabase.

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