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How Much Do Manchester City Players Earn?

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Manchester City is renowned for its success in the world of football, backed by substantial financial resources. As one of the richest clubs globally, City’s ability to pay significant transfer fees and offer high wages to players sets them apart. In this article, we will explore just how much each player at Manchester City earns.

The Highest Earners at Man City

Kevin De Bruyne, a world-class talent, continues to be the highest-paid player at Manchester City. De Bruyne successfully negotiated his most recent contract, becoming the top earner in the club’s history. His extraordinary contributions on the field have justified his high salary.

Following closely behind De Bruyne is Jack Grealish, who joined City from Aston Villa in 2021 for a record transfer fee. Grealish’s move to Manchester City secured him a place among the club’s highest-paid players. Erling Haaland, one of the most promising young talents in football, also earns a substantial salary after making his move to City in 2022.

Other Noteworthy Earners

Bernardo Silva’s decision to remain at Manchester City, despite interest from Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona, resulted in a salary equivalent to Grealish’s. Silva’s commitment to the club is rewarded with a significant annual income.

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Defender John Stones earns an impressive £13 million per year, surpassing the salaries of other notable players like Phil Foden, Rodri, and new signing Josko Gvardiol. Meanwhile, key defensive duo Manuel Akanji and Ruben Dias both earn an impressive annual salary of £9.4 million. Full-back Kyle Walker, a consistent performer for City, earns £9.1 million annually.

Young Talent and Squad Salaries

While established stars dominate the top earners’ list, it is important to recognize the contribution of young talent. Oscar Bobb, the youngest member of the senior squad, earns £416,000 per year—an impressive achievement for an emerging player.

For a complete overview of Manchester City’s squad salaries, please see the table below:

Player Annual Salary
Kevin De Bruyne £XX million
Jack Grealish £XX million
Erling Haaland £XX million
Bernardo Silva £15.6 million
John Stones £13 million
Phil Foden £11.7 million
Rodri £11.4 million
Josko Gvardiol £10.4 million
Manuel Akanji £9.4 million
Ruben Dias £9.4 million
Kyle Walker £9.1 million
Oscar Bobb £416,000


Q: How much does Kevin De Bruyne earn at Manchester City?
A: Kevin De Bruyne is currently the highest-paid player at Manchester City.

Q: Who is the most recent high-profile signing at Manchester City?
A: Erling Haaland, the promising Norwegian striker, joined Manchester City in 2022.

Q: Who earns the least in the Manchester City senior squad?
A: Youngster Oscar Bobb currently earns the lowest annual salary among the senior squad members.


Manchester City’s financial strength allows them to attract top talent by offering lucrative salaries. From established stars like Kevin De Bruyne to emerging talents like Oscar Bobb, Manchester City’s squad consists of players earning significant annual wages. With the ability to compete for transfers against other superclubs, City’s financial might is indicative of their ambition for success.

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