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Rafa Benitez’s Everton Salary Revealed: A Bold Move by the Blues

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Everton, known for their headline-making moves, has once again made waves in the football world. After signing Carlo Ancelotti as their manager in 2019 with an annual wage of around £10 million, the Blues have now brought in Rafa Benitez. Although initially met with mixed reactions from fans due to his Liverpool connections, the former Dalian Yifang manager’s salary and contract details have been revealed, shedding light on Everton’s bold move.

A Top-Earning Manager

According to reports, Benitez’s annual earnings will place him among the top five highest-paid managers in the world. Only behind the likes of Diego Simeone, Pep Guardiola, and Jurgen Klopp, the Spaniard is set to make an impressive sum during his time at Everton. This salary increase also sees him earn 50% more than his predecessor, Carlo Ancelotti.

The Contract Details

While the club initially announced a three-year deal, it has been revealed that it is, in fact, a two-year guaranteed contract with an option for a third year. This decision is likely due to the club’s awareness of the potentially turbulent relationship between the fanbase and the manager. By including this option, Everton can assess performance and make decisions accordingly without being tied down for an extended period.

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A Strategic Partnership

Interestingly, it was Alisher Usmanov, the mega-billionaire and business partner of Everton majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri, who played a key role in convincing Moshiri to hire Benitez. Usmanov’s influence extends beyond mere sponsorship, as his conglomerate, USM Holdings, is deeply involved in the club’s revenue stream. They also own the naming rights to the proposed new stadium on Bramley-Moore dock.

The Pressure is On

With this high-profile appointment, the pressure now falls on Benitez to deliver on the promises he made to the board. Everton fans will expect nothing less than exemplary performance and results. The price of doing business with a tycoon like Usmanov is evident, leaving little room for sentiment in the pursuit of success.


Q: How much is Rafa Benitez’s salary at Everton?
A: While reports initially indicated a figure of around £15 million per year, more recent sources suggest a salary in the region of £7 million per year.

Q: Who convinced Everton to hire Rafa Benitez?
A: Alisher Usmanov, the business partner of Everton majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri, played a significant role in persuading Moshiri to bring in Benitez.


Everton’s decision to hire Rafa Benitez as their manager has sparked intrigue and debate. With a high salary and a strategic partnership in play, the Blues have taken a calculated risk. Now, all eyes are on Benitez as he embarks on a challenging journey to prove himself and meet the lofty expectations set before him. Only time will tell if this bold move pays off for Everton.

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