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What Does FT Mean in Soccer?

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The world of soccer can be a labyrinth of confusing terms and abbreviations. One such abbreviation that often crops up is “FT.” But what does FT mean in soccer? In this article, we will delve into the meaning behind this cryptic acronym and shed light on its significance in the beautiful game.

The Three Types of Time in a Soccer Game

To understand the meaning of FT, we first need to grasp the different time segments that constitute a soccer match. A typical game is comprised of two 45-minute halves, with each half accompanied by a period of stoppage time.

When the clock reaches 45:00, the second half begins and continues until 90:00. It’s worth noting that stoppage time is usually added at the end of each half, allowing for any delays that occurred during gameplay. Consequently, a soccer match often extends beyond the 90-minute mark.

When Does Full Time End?

In soccer, the term “full time” (FT) refers to the entire duration of the game, including the two 45-minute halves and the associated stoppage time. Unlike other sports where the clock can be paused, soccer maintains a continuous flow of time, with the numbers ticking over regardless of any interruptions.

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The responsibility for keeping track of the time that elapses when players aren’t actively engaged falls upon the referees. These minutes are then added on at the end of each half, compensating for any delays that occurred during the game. In this way, stoppage time becomes an integral part of “full time.”

Extra Time

Soccer is unique in that it allows games to end in a draw, unlike many other sports. However, when there is something at stake, such as the knockout stage of a tournament, extra time may be added. Extra time consists of two additional 15-minute periods, and it only occurs when a game ends in a draw after regular “full time.”

During extra time, the clock continues to operate uninterrupted, just as in regular play. At the end of these additional periods, any stoppage time that accrued during the extra time is added on.


While technically separate from “full time,” many soccer enthusiasts perceive “full time” as encompassing the entirety of the game until the final whistle is blown. It’s important to note that when viewing soccer scores, you may come across the acronyms “ET” or “AET,” indicating that the game proceeded into extra time. “AET” stands for “after extra time.”

If a game extends beyond extra time, the notation changes once more. For example, a scoreline of 0-0 (a.e.t.) (3-2 p) in the 1994 FIFA World Cup final between Brazil and Italy reveals that the game ended in a penalty shoot-out, with Brazil triumphing 3-2.

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Full Time in Betting

Understanding the true meaning of “full time” is crucial for soccer bettors. If you place a bet on a score at “full time,” it’s essential to consider the added stoppage time. Regardless of the score at the end of the 90 minutes, your bet will be determined by the outcome at the end of stoppage time.

In the world of soccer betting, every minute counts. For instance, during the 2021-22 season, champions Manchester City scored nine goals in second-half injury time, showcasing the significant impact these minutes can have on the final result.


Q: What does FT mean in soccer?
A: FT stands for “full time” in soccer, indicating the 90 minutes of regular play plus any added stoppage time.

Q: Does FT include extra time?
A: No, FT refers solely to the regular 90 minutes of play and the accompanying stoppage time. Extra time is considered separately.

Q: What happens if a game ends in a draw after full time?
A: If a game concludes in a draw after full time, extra time may be added to determine a winner, especially in knockout stages of tournaments.


In summary, “FT” in soccer refers to the full duration of a match, encompassing the two 45-minute halves and any stoppage time. Extra time may be added in certain situations, but it is not considered part of “full time.” Whether you’re a fan, a bettor, or a casual observer of the game, understanding the intricacies behind “FT” will enhance your appreciation of the world’s most beloved sport.

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