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Luiz Araujo: Atlanta United’s Highest-Paid Player

Atlanta United is one of the most successful and well-funded soccer clubs in the United States. With its star-studded roster, the team has garnered attention both on and off the field. Among these players, Luiz Araujo stands out as the highest-paid player on the team.

Luiz Araujo

Atlanta United’s Compensation Numbers

As of September 2022, Luiz Araujo’s guaranteed compensation reached an impressive figure of $4,483,333. The team’s total guaranteed compensation for all its players amounted to $21,257,396, with an average of $644,136.5 per player. These numbers indicate the significant investment made by Atlanta United to assemble a talented roster.

Salary Increases for Key Players

Atlanta United has ensured that its players receive competitive salaries to retain top talent and reward their performances. Several players saw substantial raises compared to the previous season.

  • Centerback Miles Robinson’s salary increased by $700,000, bringing his new salary to $1,437,500.
  • Fullback Brooks Lennon received a $200,000 raise, now earning $700,000.
  • Goalkeeper Brad Guzan’s salary increased by $154,284, reaching $612,500.
  • Midfielder Matheus Rossetto saw his salary increase by $101,875, reaching $764,375.

These raises demonstrate Atlanta United’s commitment to its players and its intent to strengthen the team further.

Notable Players and Their Salaries

While Luiz Araujo claims the top spot, there are other notable players on the roster as well.

  • Ezequiel Barco is a talented player who will join Argentine giants River Plate in 2024, with no increase in salary.
  • Marcelino Moreno’s salary is being covered by Brazilian club Coritiba, with a $60,000 salary increase.
  • Edwin Mosquera benefits from being an Under-22 Initiative signing, with his salary covered by Defensa y Justicia in Argentina.
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These players contribute to the team’s success, even if they are not currently playing for Atlanta United.

MLS Salary Information

The Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) releases salary information twice a year. The figures include a player’s base salary, signing and guaranteed bonuses, and any marketing bonuses or agent’s fees. The compensation is averaged over the length of the player’s contract, including option years.

It’s important to note that these figures only include compensation from the players’ contracts with MLS and do not take into account any additional contracts with individual teams or affiliates.


Q: What is Luiz Araujo’s salary?
A: Luiz Araujo’s salary amounts to an impressive $4,483,333, making him the highest-paid player on Atlanta United.

Q: Which players received significant raises?
A: Miles Robinson, Brooks Lennon, Brad Guzan, and Matheus Rossetto received substantial salary increases this season.

Q: Are there any notable players not currently being paid by Atlanta United?
A: Yes, Ezequiel Barco, Marcelino Moreno, and Edwin Mosquera have their salaries covered by other clubs due to loan agreements or special circumstances.


Atlanta United’s commitment to building a competitive team is evident in its investment in player salaries. Luiz Araujo stands out as the highest-paid player, but the entire roster benefits from generous compensation. With a talented squad and financial backing, Atlanta United is poised for continued success in the world of soccer.

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