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Liverpool’s Best Player and Kylian Mbappé’s Transfer Answer

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When Mohamed Salah is in top form, few teams can handle him. Brentford learned this the hard way during their match against Liverpool on Sunday. Salah’s double in the 3-0 victory took his goal tally to double figures in the Premier League this season. It could have been a hat-trick if he had managed to keep a first-half volley down, but nevertheless, Salah showcased his clinical skills.

With 14 goal involvements (10 goals and four assists), Salah currently sits behind Erling Haaland (13 goals and three assists) in the Premier League rankings. However, Brentford boss Thomas Frank has no doubt about who comes out on top after witnessing another Salah masterclass. “Mo Salah gets praised a lot, but I don’t know if he gets enough praise. I think he is potentially the best player in the Premier League,” Frank stated.

Frank further emphasized Salah’s contribution, stating that he is among the top offensive players globally, not just in the top ten, but potentially in the top three. Salah’s quality was evident in the goals he scored against Brentford, with the first goal showcasing Liverpool’s signature attacking style and the second goal illustrating the player’s individual brilliance.

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Salah’s reputation as one of the Premier League’s best players is well-deserved, reflected by his two PFA Player of the Year awards. It’s worth noting that no player in the history of English football has won this award more than twice since its inception in 1973. While Haaland might be a contender for the title of the Premier League’s best player, with Kevin De Bruyne currently sidelined, there aren’t many players who can rival the Norwegian or Salah.

Being considered the best player in the Premier League often indicates being among the best players globally. Frank’s suggestion that Salah is in the top three may seem exaggerated to some, but it’s undeniable that Salah’s abilities surpass his 11th-place finish in this year’s Ballon d’Or rankings.

Considering Salah’s status as one of the world’s best players at 31 years old, a move to the Saudi Pro League would not align with his claim to fame. Kylian Mbappé demonstrated this during the summer by rejecting the idea of a world record move to Al-Hilal. Interest in Salah is expected to rise again in January, and he could command a similar transfer fee to the $316 million (£257/€295) offered for PSG’s Mbappé.

For Liverpool, there is only one answer – they must hold on to their best player in the Premier League. Salah’s contributions on the field, combined with his reputation and market value, make him an invaluable asset to the team’s success.


Q: Has Mohamed Salah won the PFA Player of the Year award?
A: Yes, Salah has won the PFA Player of the Year award twice.

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Q: How many goal involvements does Salah have in the Premier League this season?
A: Salah has 14 goal involvements (10 goals, four assists) in the current Premier League campaign.

Q: Is Salah considering a move to the Saudi Pro League?
A: It is unlikely that Salah would consider a move to the Saudi Pro League, given his status as one of the world’s best players.


Mohamed Salah’s outstanding performances have established him as one of the Premier League’s best players. His goal-scoring prowess, combined with his ability to create opportunities for his teammates, make him a key contributor to Liverpool’s success. As interest in Salah continues to grow, Liverpool must resist any temptation to sell their star player. Holding on to Salah is crucial for the team’s aspirations and ensures they retain the best player in the Premier League.

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