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The Impact of Injuries on Psychological Symptoms in Amateur Soccer Players

Amateur soccer is a sport loved by many, played with passion and enthusiasm. However, it is not without its risks. Injuries are an unfortunate part of the game, and they can have both physical and psychological consequences on the players. Understanding the relationship between injuries and psychological symptoms is crucial for the well-being of amateur soccer players. In this article, we will explore the findings of a study that focuses on this very topic.


The study analyzed the psychological measurements and injury data of amateur soccer players. One of the key findings was the prevalence of depression and anxiety among players. The results showed that 13.47% of players had a cut-off value of 23 or higher, indicating signs of depression. Additionally, 16.9% of players had a value of 45 or higher, which suggests an anxiety disorder. These numbers highlight the importance of addressing psychological well-being in amateur soccer.

Amateur soccer players
Image: Amateur soccer players in action.

Furthermore, the study examined the impact of the league on psychological symptoms. While there was no significant effect on depression, there was a main effect on anxiety. Players in the fourth amateur league had higher anxiety scores compared to players in the fifth, sixth, and seventh amateur leagues. Similarly, the sixth league had lower self-compassion values than the seventh league. These findings indicate that the level of competition may influence players’ psychological well-being.

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The Relation between Psychological States and Injuries

The study also explored the relationship between psychological states and previous injuries. Interestingly, the results showed varying outcomes. There was no significant effect of the league on depression. Additionally, there was no main effect or interaction between the factors of group and league. However, when it came to anxiety, players from the fourth amateur league had higher scores than players from the other three leagues. Moreover, players who suffered injuries in the three months before the season started had higher anxiety scores compared to those who did not have any injuries during that time.

Soccer injury
Image: A player suffering an injury during a soccer match.

Regarding self-compassion, the study found a main effect of the league, but no effect of the group or interaction between the factors. This suggests that players’ self-compassion levels may be influenced by the level of competition, regardless of previous injuries.


Q: How can amateur soccer players cope with psychological symptoms?
A: It is essential for players to prioritize their mental well-being. Seeking support from professionals, such as psychologists or counselors, can be beneficial. Additionally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, engaging in relaxation techniques, and talking openly with teammates and coaches about any concerns can also help.

Q: Are these findings applicable to professional soccer players as well?
A: While this study focused on amateur soccer players, it provides valuable insights into the relationship between injuries and psychological symptoms. Professionals may face similar challenges, although it is important to consider the unique pressures and demands of the professional game.

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Understanding the impact of injuries on the psychological well-being of amateur soccer players is crucial for their overall health and performance. The study highlighted the prevalence of depression and anxiety among players and the influence of the league on psychological symptoms. By raising awareness and providing support, both on and off the field, we can create an environment that promotes the holistic development of amateur soccer players.

Remember, the well-being of players should always be a top priority. By nurturing their physical and psychological health, we can help them enjoy the beautiful game to its fullest.

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