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Odell Beckham Jr.: The Journey to Find the Perfect Jersey Number

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The much-anticipated arrival of Odell Beckham Jr. to the Los Angeles Rams came with a unique challenge – finding the perfect jersey number for the star wide receiver. While the negotiation process was smooth, it seems the decision on Beckham’s jersey number took some deliberation. In this article, we’ll explore why Beckham couldn’t wear his usual No. 13 jersey and uncover the alternative options he considered.

The Jersey Number Conundrum

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, one of the minor holdups in finalizing Beckham’s deal with the Rams was the discussion around his jersey number. Beckham had three numbers in mind – 1, 3, and 13 – but there were complications with each choice. Although this might not have been a deciding factor in choosing the Rams, it certainly added an additional layer to the decision-making process.

The Dilemma of No. 13

Throughout his career, Beckham has sported the iconic No. 13 jersey. However, upon joining the Rams, he found that the number was already taken by backup quarterback John Wolford. Since the NFL prohibits midseason number changes, Beckham would need to convince Wolford to swap jerseys if he wished to reclaim his cherished No. 13 in 2022.

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Exploring Alternatives

With No. 13 off the table, Beckham had to consider other options. No. 1, recently vacated by receiver DeSean Jackson, could have been a possibility. However, it appears that Beckham is more interested in donning No. 3. Running back Cam Akers, who initially planned to switch to No. 3 before his season-ending injury, may have influenced Beckham’s decision. Akers hinted at a temporary hold on the number, indicating a potential swap.

The Final Verdict

Based on recent developments, it seems likely that Beckham will wear the No. 3 jersey for his debut with the Rams. While the exact playing time remains uncertain, with analysts predicting 10 to 20 snaps, Beckham’s presence on the field will undoubtedly add excitement to the Rams’ offense. Coach Sean McVay has made it clear that Beckham’s targets will depend on his ability to create openings, promising that if he can get open, quarterback Matthew Stafford will find him.


Q: Will Beckham be able to wear his usual No. 13 jersey in the future?

A: If Beckham decides to stay with the Rams in 2022, he will need to negotiate with John Wolford to exchange jerseys since midseason number changes are not permitted in the NFL.

Q: What other jersey numbers did Beckham consider?

A: Beckham contemplated wearing No. 1, which became available after DeSean Jackson’s departure. He also showed interest in No. 3, but the situation depends on Cam Akers’ recovery and willingness to swap numbers.

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Q: How much playing time can we expect to see from Beckham in his Rams debut?

A: Analysts predict that Beckham will play 10 to 20 snaps against the San Francisco 49ers. However, his targets will depend on his ability to create opportunities on the field.


The story of Odell Beckham Jr.’s jersey number dilemma adds an intriguing twist to his joining the Los Angeles Rams. While he won’t be able to wear his beloved No. 13 immediately, he has alternative choices in mind. As fans eagerly anticipate Beckham’s debut, it remains to be seen how quickly he adapts to his new number and makes an impact on the field.

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