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Is Cornerback the Toughest Position in Football?

The NFL season is in full swing, and while quarterbacks often get the spotlight, it’s time to shine some light on another position – the cornerback. Is cornerback the most difficult and demanding position in football? We spoke to three former cornerbacks with a wealth of experience to find out. Let’s dive into what makes this position so challenging and what it takes to excel as a cornerback.

Key Attributes of an NFL Cornerback

According to our experts, NFL cornerbacks need to possess a unique set of attributes to excel in their position. Cris Dishman, with 12 years in the NFL, emphasizes the athleticism required, including the ability to back-pedal, open up, and drive. He also highlights the importance of tackling skills. Tyrone Poole, who played for 13 years in the NFL, emphasizes the need for intelligence and the ability to read routes and formations at lightning speed. Antonio Banks, with three years in the NFL, adds that being a workaholic, a patient learner, and having speed are crucial for success as a cornerback.

The Most Difficult Part of a Cornerback’s Job

For cornerbacks, the most challenging aspect lies in the unknown. As Dishman explains, cornerbacks are constantly guessing because they never truly know what the offense will do. Opposing teams can change their tendencies, which adds an element of uncertainty to the cornerback’s job. Poole mentions the difficulty of maintaining the right level of confidence. Being too confident can lead to mistakes and getting caught out of position. Banks stresses the relentless mindset required to play cornerback, as one bad play can quickly overshadow a great game.

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Green Bay’s Jaire Alexander intercepts a pass intended for Tampa Bay’s Mike Evans

Toughest Receivers to Cover

When it comes to the toughest receivers to cover, our experts have faced some formidable opponents. Dishman’s top five list includes Michael Irvin, who was a physical force at the line of scrimmage, and Jerry Rice, known for his precise routes. Poole unequivocally states that Jerry Rice was the most challenging receiver he ever faced due to his incredible work ethic and full-speed routes. Banks fondly remembers the days of going up against Cris Carter, Randy Moss, and Jake Reed, all exceptional talents in their own right.

Cornerbacks: Thinking and Doing It All

Cornerbacks have a unique role on the field that requires them to think and perform like quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, and even linebackers. Dishman compares the cornerback position to a chess match, always anticipating the offense’s moves. Poole describes cornerbacks as decathletes in the Olympics, having to excel in multiple areas of the game. Banks emphasizes the need for quick thinking, alignment, assignment, adjustment, and awareness, as well as the ability to make game-changing plays when the ball comes their way.


While quarterbacks rightfully receive praise for their importance, it’s important not to overlook the challenges and skills required of cornerbacks. The position demands athleticism, intelligence, confidence, and relentless focus. Cornerbacks must continually adapt to the opposing offense’s strategies and be prepared for the unexpected. So, the next time you watch a game, keep an eye on the cornerbacks, the unsung heroes of the field.

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Q: What skills does an NFL cornerback need?

A: An NFL cornerback needs athleticism, tackling ability, intelligence, speed, confidence, patience, and a love for the game.

Q: Who is the toughest receiver to cover according to the experts?

A: According to the experts, Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, Cris Carter, Randy Moss, and Jake Reed were among the toughest receivers to cover.

Q: Is cornerback the most difficult position in football?

A: While opinions differ, our experts agree that cornerback is one of the most challenging positions due to the constant guessing, the need for confidence, and the pressure of making game-changing plays.