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How Fast Can a Soccer Ball Be Kicked?

Have you ever wondered how fast a soccer ball can be kicked? Our research shows that a soccer ball can be kicked by an adult pro player between 65-80 mph but 131 mph is the fastest in a recorded match. Youth soccer players tend to kick a soccer ball about 25-40 mph. In this article, we’ll provide more info on the record for the fastest soccer ball kicked and how fast popular professional players can kick it. At the end of this post, we’ll also present you with helpful tips on how to kick the soccer ball harder and why it might not always be in your best interest.

how fast can ronaldo kick a soccer ball mph

What’s the Record for Fastest Kick?

The Guinness World Record for the fastest-ever soccer ball kick is 80.1 miles per hour (128 km per hour), and it’s held by Francisco Javier Galan Màrin from Spain. This record is still standing after almost 22 years. However, take note that the shot was made in a controlled environment in a television studio, not in an official match. The fastest recorded speed for a soccer ball kicked by a professional player is 131 miles per hour (211 kilometers per hour), achieved by Ronny Heberson of Brazil’s Sport Club do Recife in 2006.

Professional Players’ Speeds

On average, professional soccer players can kick the ball around 65-80 miles per hour. Cristiano Ronaldo can kick the ball at an average of 80 miles per hour while David Beckham was able to kick the ball up to 98 miles per hour. Both speeds are amazingly fast. Players with some of the fastest-recorded shots in history:

  • Ronny Heberson (Brazil): 131 mph
  • Argen Robben (Real Madrid): 118 mph
  • Steven Reid (Blackburn Rovers): 117 mph
  • Ronald Koeman (FC Barcelona): 116 mph
  • David Hirst (Sheffield): 114 mph
  • David Beckham (Manchester United): 98 mph
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I realize that some power shots were never recorded and might go under the radar. I believe as the game evolves so will the speed of a shot. I could see a player kicking it 150 mph someday!

How to Kick the Ball Faster

Professional players spend an insane amount of time training their strength and accuracy to kick a soccer ball at blazing-fast speeds, so don’t expect that you can do the same with only 3+ years of experience. Speaking of training, if you want to improve your kicking power, you should train your core muscles, and hip and leg muscles. Also, work on your balance and coordination when you are running on the pitch. It won’t matter how hard you kick if you are not even coordinated enough to strike the ball with proper technique.

1. Relax when you kick the ball

This might seem counterintuitive but you should try to relax as much as possible while you are striking the ball. Except for the ankles (they should be locked), the rest of the body should only have the bare minimum amount of tension. This will make the kick as smooth as possible.

2. The last stride should be the largest

When you are running up to the ball, you will be able to explode with more power if the last stride before the kick is as wide as possible. This will give your leg more momentum while swinging, thereby striking the ball with more force.

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3. Ensure follow-through

Keep your eye on the ball up to the last millisecond when your foot makes contact with it. This will ensure that you are kicking the ball in the exact spot you are aiming for. This will also increase the accuracy and loft of the kick.

Factors That Influence Shot Speed

Three primary things influence a player’s shot speed and they include:

  • Technique: How you strike the ball is important. Proper body positioning has a major impact on the force that you can strike the ball with.
  • Timing: Striking the ball at the right moment is crucial for both power and accuracy. Approach the ball at the right moment to get full leverage and if the ball is rolling towards you, time it so you kick it in the middle.
  • Strength: To get the most out of your shot, you need the brute force behind it. This is where your quads, hamstrings, and glutes come in.

Should Players Focus on Kicking the Ball Faster?

Should soccer players focus their training on increasing the power of their kicks? Depending on your age, I think mastering the fundamentals is more important than kicking the ball faster. Young players should work on their timing, form, and accuracy first. The velocity will come as you get older and naturally stronger. Here are some pros and cons of kicking the ball fast all the time:

Pros of kicking the ball faster:

  • Sometimes easier to score goals – If the goalkeeper cannot keep up with the ball, it will be more likely that the shot will go in between the posts.
  • Easier to clear the ball – A strong strike on the ball is not necessarily just for scoring. Players, especially defenders, can also use it to clear the ball as quickly as possible.
  • Sometimes makes passes easier – When passing the ball, players need to kick it hard enough that the defensive players will not be able to intercept it.
  • Easier to score longer shots – A shot that has more power behind it can travel farther, making it more efficient to shoot from outside the penalty box.
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Cons of kicking the ball faster:

  • Less accuracy – Some players are more concerned about putting more force into the kick, which can lead to less accuracy if the proper technique is not in place.
  • Will not curl – Most powerful shots have little to no spin on the ball, resulting in less bend and trajectory when kicked with a focus on power.


Players develop at different times, and a strong shot is determined not only by technique but also by body strength. For many youth soccer players, it is important to practice technique and form. As a player’s body gets more mature and stronger, so will their shot. If you watch youth soccer at any level, you’ll notice that the majority of the goals aren’t scored by pure power but with placement. Accuracy can be more effective than speed. Train to become a more accurate passer and scorer. Developing speed behind your shot will come as the years progress. Then, you can couple it together and become a much better player!

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