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The Greatest Montreal Impact Players in MLS History

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In the illustrious history of the Montreal Impact, there have been numerous players who have left an indelible mark on the club. These players have not only showcased their talent on the pitch but also embodied the spirit and passion of the Montreal Impact. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top ten Montreal Impact players of all time, celebrating their contributions to the club and their lasting legacy.

#10 – Marco Donadel

Marco Donadel

Marco Donadel, with 46 games played for the Montreal Impact, is known for his defensive prowess and leadership in the heart of the midfield. While his numbers may not be eye-catching, his impact on the team goes beyond statistics. Donadel’s experience playing for top European clubs such as A.C. Milan, ACF Fiorentina, and Napoli is a testament to his skill and professionalism.

#9 – Dominic Oduro

Dominic Oduro, with 59 games played for the Montreal Impact, is beloved by fans for his lightning-fast speed and goal-scoring ability. Oduro’s memorable hairstyles have also made him a fan favorite. With 77 goals and 43 assists in his 11-year MLS career, Oduro has consistently demonstrated his value as a dynamic attacking player.

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#8 – Patrice Bernier

Patrice Bernier

Patrice Bernier, the longtime captain of the Montreal Impact, stands as an influential figure both on and off the field. With 124 games played for the club, Bernier’s ability to control the midfield has been a cornerstone of the team’s success. His journey from playing in Europe to returning to his hometown of Montreal has endeared him to fans even more.

#7 – Alessandro Nesta

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Alessandro Nesta, although spending a brief period with the Montreal Impact, is regarded as one of the greatest defenders in football history. Known for his pace, technical ability, and tight marking, Nesta’s impact on the field cannot be overstated. With over 400 Serie A games for Lazio and Milan, as well as winning the World Cup and the Champions League, Nesta’s accolades speak for themselves.

#6 – Ambroise Oyongo

Ambroise Oyongo

Ambroise Oyongo has established himself as one of the best left-backs in the MLS during his time with the Montreal Impact. Known for his speed and skill on the left flank, Oyongo has consistently created scoring opportunities for his team. His recent triumph in winning the Africa Cup of Nations with Cameroon highlights his success and influence on the team.

#5 – Evan Bush

Evan Bush

Evan Bush is widely regarded as the best goalkeeper in Montreal Impact history. Rising through the ranks of the club’s development squad, Bush’s talent and dedication led him to become the team’s starting goalkeeper. With numerous accolades, including winning the Golden Glove award, Bush has proven himself as a reliable shot-stopper and a crucial member of the team.

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#4 – Laurent Ciman

Laurent Ciman

Laurent Ciman, known for his exceptional defensive skills and leadership abilities, is considered the best center-back in Montreal Impact history. Although playing alongside legendary defender Alessandro Nesta, Ciman’s impact on the team cannot be overlooked. As a two-time MLS All-Star and the 2015 MLS Defender of the Year, Ciman has consistently showcased his defensive prowess.

#3 – Marco Di Vaio

![Marco Di Vaio](×2799/1200×0/filters:focal(0x0:2799×2799):no_upscale()/

Marco Di Vaio, the all-time leading goal scorer for the Montreal Impact, has left an indelible mark on the club’s history. With 34 goals in 76 games, Di Vaio’s clinical finishing ability has made him a fan favorite. His success in Italy’s Serie A, where he scored 196 goals, further solidifies his status as one of the best goal scorers to ever grace the Impact.

#2 – Ignacio Piatti

Ignacio Piatti

Ignacio Piatti is on course to become the Montreal Impact’s all-time leading goal scorer. With 31 goals to his name, Piatti’s dribbling skills and knack for finding the back of the net have made him a standout player. His contributions have been acknowledged with selections to the MLS Best XI and MLS All-Star team.

#1 – Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba, widely regarded as the best Montreal Impact player of all time, is a legendary figure both in the MLS and in the English Premier League. Drogba’s goal-scoring ability and leadership qualities have made him a true icon. With 21 goals in 33 games for the Montreal Impact, Drogba’s impact on and off the field solidified the team’s presence in the soccer world.

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Q: Who is the all-time leading goal scorer for the Montreal Impact?
A: Marco Di Vaio holds the record for the most goals scored in the club’s history, with 34 goals.

Q: Which Montreal Impact player has the most appearances for the club?
A: Evan Bush, the team’s goalkeeper, has made the most appearances for the Montreal Impact, with 81 games played.

Q: Has a Montreal Impact player won any individual awards?
A: Yes, Laurent Ciman won the MLS Defender of the Year award in 2015 for his exceptional performances.


The Montreal Impact has been fortunate to have a plethora of talented and influential players throughout its history. From legendary figures like Didier Drogba to rising stars like Ignacio Piatti, these players have left an everlasting impact on the club and the fans. As the Montreal Impact continues to strive for success, these players will forever be remembered as the greatest in the team’s history.

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