Friday, 19 Jul 2024

Messi’s Father Survives Car Crash: 10 Key Details

is messi's dad alive

Lionel Messi’s recent triumph over Manchester United in the Champions League quarter-finals captivated the world. However, just over a week before the match, his father, Jorge Messi, survived a car crash that shook the football community. Here are ten important facts you should know about the incident:

1. Involvement of Messi’s Father

Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, was involved in the collision that took place in Rosario, Argentina. Reports indicate that he was left unconscious after the accident.

2. The Vehicle: BMW

The car driven by Messi’s father during the accident was a BMW.

3. Location: Rosario, Argentina

Despite Lionel Messi residing in Spain, the car crash occurred in Rosario, Argentina, where his father was at the time.

4. No Fatalities

Thankfully, no lives were lost in the accident.

5. Involvement of a Biker

The collision involved a biker, who was the other party affected by the accident.

6. Biker Hospitalized

The injured biker, who was rendered unconscious in the accident, was promptly taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

7. Visit to the Police Station

Following the biker’s hospitalization, Messi’s father drove to a nearby police station to have his vehicle documents checked.

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8. Breath Test for Messi’s Father

Despite being the father of one of football’s greatest icons, Messi’s father underwent a breath test at the police station before being allowed to leave.

9. Non-Serious Injuries

While the biker initially suffered unconsciousness after the collision, medical examinations at the Clemente Alvarez Hospital A&E in Rosario categorized the injuries as “non-serious.”

10. Accident Occurred at Night

The car crash happened at 8 PM at the intersection of “Ayacucho” street and Regimente 11.

The incident was peacefully resolved without any legal actions. It is worth noting that Messi’s father is currently 61 years old.


Q: Did Messi’s father face any legal consequences?
A: No, the accident was resolved amicably without any legal actions taken.

Q: How old is Messi’s father?
A: Jorge Messi is currently 61 years old.

Q: Were there any fatalities in the crash?
A: Fortunately, there were no fatalities resulting from the accident.

Q: Where did the accident occur?
A: The car crash took place in Rosario, Argentina.


Despite the recent car crash involving Lionel Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, the incident concluded without any major consequences. It serves as a reminder of the unforeseen challenges that even the families of football legends may face. Thankfully, everyone involved survived, and Jorge Messi is recovering from the incident.