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Lionel Messi’s First Red Card in 753 Games for Barcelona

messi red cards

Lionel Messi, one of the greatest footballers of all time, experienced a rare moment in his illustrious career. In Barcelona’s intense clash against Athletic Bilbao in the Spanish Super Cup final, Messi received his first-ever red card after a wild swing at Bilbao’s Asier Villalibre in the final seconds of extra time.

A Historic Moment for Messi

Messi’s red card marked the first time in 753 games for Barcelona that he was sent off. The Argentine superstar, who has dazzled fans with his incredible skills and passion for the game, found himself in uncharted territory. This moment emphasizes the intensity and emotions that can arise during highly competitive matches.

messi red card incident

The Consequences

With “violent conduct” being the reason for Messi’s dismissal, he could face a minimum suspension of four domestic games. It’s important to note that any Super Cup suspensions carry over to league and cup matches. This means that Barcelona is likely to feel the absence of their star player in the upcoming fixtures.

Koeman’s Defense of Messi

Ronald Koeman, Barcelona’s manager, came to Messi’s defense after the game. He acknowledged that the repeated fouls on Messi throughout the match may have contributed to his reaction. Koeman stated, “I can understand what Messi did. I don’t know how many times they fouled him, and it’s normal to react when they keep trying to foul you as a player who is looking to dribble with the ball, but I need to see it again properly.”

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Bilbao’s Triumph

Athletic Bilbao emerged victorious in the Super Cup final, thanks to a sensational goal by Inaki Williams. Williams expressed his joy and disbelief at achieving such a remarkable victory, stating, “We showed that we’re a great team, and this is dedicated to all Athletic fans. When you have heart and faith, all is possible. We’ve worked like animals, and we’ve been rewarded for it.”


Q: Has Messi ever been sent off while playing for Argentina?

A: Yes, Messi has been dismissed twice while representing Argentina. His first sending-off occurred on his international debut against Hungary in 2005, and the second took place in the Copa America third-place play-off against Chile in 2019.

Q: Will Messi’s suspension affect Barcelona’s future matches?

A: Yes, Messi could face a ban of at least four domestic games, impacting Barcelona’s upcoming fixtures.


Lionel Messi’s first red card in 753 games for Barcelona highlights the intensity and emotions that can arise in football. It is a historic moment for one of the sport’s greatest players, and its consequences will undoubtedly be felt by both Messi and Barcelona. As football fans, we eagerly await Messi’s return to the pitch, where his skill and passion continue to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.