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U.S. Soccer Announces Winners of 2023 Player of the Year Awards for Extended National Teams

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Riley Johnson – Power Soccer Player of the Year

Co-captain of the U.S. side at the 2023 FIPFA Powerchair Football World Cup, Riley Johnson (Saint Cloud, Minn.) is the first winner of U.S. Soccer’s Power Soccer Player of the Year award.

In his second World Cup appearance, Johnson made a significant impact, scoring five goals and providing one assist in nine out of eleven matches. He showcased his skills in the opening 5-0 win against Australia and the 3-0 victory against Northern Ireland.

However, Johnson’s standout performance came in the crucial match against England, where he scored the first two goals and earned the Player of the Match title in the 3-1 victory. His remarkable contribution propelled the team to a second-place group finish.

Johnson’s leadership qualities were evident in the semifinals as well. After a disappointing 1-0 defeat to England, he rallied the squad ahead of the Third-Place Match and assisted Lexi Heer in the opening third minute, leading the USA to a 2-1 win against Argentina to claim the Bronze Medal in Sydney.

Reflecting on his achievement, Johnson said, “It’s an honor to receive this award, but the biggest honor is that I get to be part of a team that has my back on and off the court. U.S. Soccer has already had a big impact on the Power Soccer National Team, and it’s only going to get better. I’m excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for future athletes and teams.”

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Johnson emerged as the winner of the Power Soccer Player of the Year award, securing an impressive 37 percent of the weighted vote.

About the U.S. Soccer Federation

Founded in 1913, U.S. Soccer has been the official governing body of the sport in the United States for over a century. The organization’s efforts revolve around five strategic pillars:

  • Grow the game: Increase youth and adult participation and accessibility to the sport.
  • Foster the best playing environments: Improve the quality of referees and coaches, increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and participant safety.
  • Develop winning teams: Establish solidified pathways and ensure the success of professional leagues.
  • Grow the soccer economy to fuel reinvestment: Expand membership, fandom, and commercial success.
  • Create a world-class organization: Revitalize structure and culture, attract top talent, make progress in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

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The U.S. Soccer Federation celebrates the outstanding achievements of its players in the 2023 Player of the Year Awards for Extended National Teams. Riley Johnson, with his exceptional performances and leadership, emerged as the deserving winner of the Power Soccer Player of the Year award. U.S. Soccer continues to grow the sport, foster the best playing environments, develop winning teams, fuel the soccer economy, and build a world-class organization to shape the future of soccer in the United States.