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Tunnel Footage Reveals Karim Benzema’s Heated Exchange With Real Madrid Teammate Vinicius

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In a recent tunnel footage leak, Karim Benzema was caught in a heated exchange with his Real Madrid teammate Vinicius. The incident occurred during the half-time interval of their match against Borussia Monchengladbach, where Real Madrid eventually secured a 2-2 draw.

Benzema’s Accusations

During the tunnel conversation with Ferland Mendy, Benzema can be heard telling his teammate not to play with Vinicius. He goes on to say, “On my mother’s life, he [Vinicius] is playing against us.” This accusation suggests a lack of trust and frustration on Benzema’s part towards Vinicius’ performance during the first half.

The footage, released by French news outlet Telefoot, shows the Real Madrid players exiting the dressing room and heading into the tunnel for the second half. Vinicius was present and within earshot of both Benzema and Mendy during their conversation. Although Vinicius was not directly named, it was reported by Marca that he was the subject of their discussion.

Impact on the Game

Following the conversation, Mendy only passed the ball to Vinicius, who both play on the left, three times in the second half. Despite the tension, Benzema managed to score Real Madrid’s first goal, helping them secure a draw with a stoppage-time equalizer from Casemiro.

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Controversy Surrounding Benzema

This is not the first time Benzema has made headlines for his outspoken nature. He has previously clashed with Olivier Giroud and Mathieu Valbuena. Benzema criticized Giroud earlier this year, drawing comparisons between the Chelsea striker and himself in a derogatory manner.

Benzema has also faced legal troubles in the past, including a trial for his alleged involvement in a blackmail plot concerning a sex-tape of his former France teammate Valbuena.

Unrest in the Real Madrid Camp

Benzema’s altercation with Vinicius comes just days after Isco, another Real Madrid player, was caught criticizing manager Zinedine Zidane during the El Clasico match. Isco expressed his frustration with the lack of playing time under Zidane this season.

Isco’s criticism led to Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos confronting both Isco and Marcelo for their underwhelming performances this season. The incidents have raised concerns about unrest within the Real Madrid training room.


The recent tunnel footage leak revealing Karim Benzema’s heated exchange with Real Madrid teammate Vinicius has shed light on the tensions within the club. This incident, coupled with Isco’s criticism of Zidane, has sparked speculation about the harmony and morale of the team. Real Madrid’s management will need to address these issues to ensure a united front moving forward.


Q: Where can I watch the tunnel footage of Karim Benzema and Vinicius?
A: The footage was released by French news outlet Telefoot. You can find it on their website or social media platforms.

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Q: Has there been any comment from Real Madrid regarding this incident?
A: Sportsmail has approached Real Madrid for comment on the footage, but no official statement has been released as of now.