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Tallest NFL Players of All Time: A Glimpse into the Giants of the Game

tallest football players

The National Football League (NFL) is home to some of the most colossal athletes in professional sports. Fans often wonder who holds the title of the tallest NFL player currently and of all time. Look no further, as we delve into the towering figures that have graced the gridiron.

The Tallest NFL Player Right Now

Outside of the NBA, the NFL boasts an impressive roster of towering athletes. Leading the pack as the tallest NFL player right now are four remarkable individuals, all standing at an imposing 6-foot-9. Among them are Dan Skipper of the Indianapolis Colts, Caleb Jones of the Green Bay Packers, Alfredo Gutierrez of the San Francisco 49ers, and Roy Mbaeteka of the Chicago Bears.

The 10 Tallest NFL Players Ever

While Richard Sligh holds the title for the tallest player ever in the NFL, towering at 7-foot-2, there have been other giants who have graced the league throughout history. Here are the top 10 tallest NFL players of all time:

  1. Richard Sligh – 7-foot-2
  2. Morris Stroud – 6-foot-10
  3. Dan Skipper – 6-foot-10
  4. Ed Jones – 6-foot-9
  5. Jonathan Ogden – 6-foot-9
  6. Demar Dotson – 6-foot-8
  7. Alejandro Villanueva – 6-foot-8
  8. Dan McGwire – 6-foot-8
  9. Stone Forsythe – 6-foot-8
  10. Harold Carmichael – 6-foot-8
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The Tallest NFL Quarterback Right Now

While linemen tend to be the tallest players in the NFL, the biggest player in the most crucial position on the field, quarterback, is none other than Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers. Standing at an impressive 6-foot-6, Herbert’s physical stature complements his skills, making him one of the league’s most promising talents.

The Tallest NFL Player on Defense Right Now

Calais Campbell, a current player for the Atlanta Falcons and a future Hall-of-Famer, towers over his opponents on the defensive side of the ball. Standing at an astonishing 6-foot-8, Campbell’s height gives him a distinct advantage as he dominates the field.

The Quest for Seven-Footers in the NFL

While seven-footers are common in the NBA, the NFL has had only one player with such remarkable height. Richard Sligh, a 7-foot-2 defensive tackle, briefly played in the league for the Oakland Raiders in 1967.

The Pursuit of 400-Pound Players

Although there are no current NFL players who weigh 400 pounds or more, Aaron Gibson, a former player for the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions, made history when he weighed in at 400 pounds during his tenure with the Cowboys in 2022.

The Tallest Position in the NFL

Unsurprisingly, the positions with the tallest players in the NFL are offensive and defensive linemen. These massive athletes protect quarterbacks, ensuring their safety on the field. Due to their importance, talent evaluators often prioritize taller quarterbacks, as they possess advantageous physical attributes.

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The Tallest Tight Ends in NFL History

Tight ends, known for their height and versatility on the field, have seen some remarkable players throughout NFL history. Donald Parham of the Los Angeles Chargers and Zach Gentry, a backup for the Pittsburgh Steelers, both stand at an imposing 6-foot-8.


Q: Are there any 7-foot players in the NFL?
A: Richard Sligh, a former player for the Oakland Raiders, is the only player in NFL history to stand at 7-foot-2.

Q: Are there any 400-pound players in the NFL?
A: While there are no current players weighing 400 pounds or more, Aaron Gibson achieved this milestone during his time with the Dallas Cowboys in 2022.


The NFL has witnessed its fair share of colossal athletes over the years. From towering linemen to quarterbacks who literally stand above the competition, these players captivate fans with their sheer physical presence. As the game continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see if new giants emerge and etch their names in NFL history.

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